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Monday, March 1, 2010

Somare's successor hard to find

THE Rt Honourable Sir Michael Somare declared himself in Kandep that he will bow out in 2012.

If it is true then there will be huge void left behind the father of this nation and the longest serving politician in PNG and the Commonwealth.

The man, who led the nation from the dark ages to where it is today, will leave a very proud legacy but a huge void none will be able to fit in his shoes.

Sir Michael Somare, who fought for the poor and the oppressed, women and children, a committed family man and public servant, will leave a very crystal clear path for the future generation to learn from and lead the nation.

Sir M.Somare has indicated that there are many potential leaders out there who will take the challenge and lead the nation. He never mentioned or recommended anyone in his National Alliance party, or other coalition partners. A man of wisdom always knows that anybody can do the job of the prime minister. If he had mentioned anyone he would have offended the coalition partners or his NA party members.

In many countries, prime ministers, presidents and kings always recommend successors but in PNG it was not. However, fewer world leaders, who have trust and confidence in their country's know that anyone who has the potential to lead the nation never recommends anyone but that was up to the people to decide.

Come 2012 elections, it will be very hard to find someone like Sir Somare who has turned the economy around. Out of his four regional deputy leaders, Sir Puka Temu would be a right candidate as he has proven that he has potential to unite PNG. The other three would be too young because it not good for the future generation.

From among the coalition, Southern Highlands Governor Henderson Aigiru stands out. Honourable Aigiru has proven to be the potential candidate.

In the opposition, the two former Prime ministers (Hon. Sir Morauta and Hon. Sir Chan) and Honourable Bart Philemon would be possible candidates.

In contemporary PNG society, people must be united and sharing wealth and resources together. Many candidates would be available for selection in 2012 but a few who spoke about unity and equal distribution of resources and wealth and are committed to the development of PNG while being united are Sir Puka, Sir Meker, Sir Julius, Hon. Philemon and Hon. Agiru.

These leaders have spoken about unity of PNG and equal distribution of the country's wealth.
It's up to the People of PNG to gear up for coming elections in 2012.

Gibson Palimas,

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