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Monday, March 1, 2010

Witch hunters' weapon

THE OMBUDSMAN Commission (OC) is created under the Constitution. It is an important creature of Constitution. Leaders and public officials are subject to the OC. But the OC is now unreachable and untouchable.

Knowing the law is one thing. Seeking justice and fairness is another matter. Such seems to be the case with Patrick Pruaitch.

When the OC gave the leader right to be heard in September 2006 and after the leader responded in October and November 2006 the OC delayed its deliberation and carried out new investigations.

A summons issued to Kanawi Pouru by the OC in Phoebe Sangetari on January 2008 while asking for copies of cheques for verification sought other new and additional information.

Then in July 2009 the OC referred Patrick Pruaitch to the Public Prosecutor for leadership law tribunal to be set up on request.

A leadership tribunal has been set up by the Chief Justice. It was to have convened on 23 February 2010 if not for a stay order from the Supreme Court.

In a true spirit of seeking justice Patrick Pruaitch sought judicial review and a constitutional right enforcement before the National Court.

On each occasion the National Court refused entry to the door of justice and fairness. This is under appeal to the Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, following leadership cases will show that, the OC is very superior to the National Court. The National Court will find all the legal and procedural technicality to keep leaders and public officials out of lawful protection.

Truth about OC is 'killing leaders of PNG' is its song. When it sings Waigani dances and its National Court hides justice and fairness. Where do leaders go to seek justice and fairness when the National Court continues to shut its door?

Taking time to understand serious leadership killing game leaders will see OC for what it is. Telling arrogance and pride are lawyers and judges who act out of jealousy.

Raising legal and procedural defence is quite common in cases. Playing leaders' position and denying them entry to the door of justice and fairness lawyers and judges work for killing leaders of PNG. Such was unheard of in our country in times past.

Reality is desperate lawyers and judges will resort to desperate measures. Never before has legal practice been as worse as now.

And OC is an example of law and politics being badly played.

James Wanjik 
Port Moresby

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