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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kapris treated differently from other escapees

THE techniques adopted by notorious criminal mastermind and three-time escapee from Bomana Correctional Institute's Maximum Security Prison, William Kapris, are somewhat similar to the work of the world's most wanted black notorious criminal and prison mastermind in the United States, "King Larry Hoover", who is known as a "Minister' in the Colorado Prison.

Larry Hoover, operates and masterminds many of the crimes in the cities of United States, from his prison cell, that are worth millions of dollars for him and his associates for the purpose of growth and development among his elite network that involves high profile people in the political and bureaucratic circles as well as members of the military or disciplinary forces who are involved in and execute his desired plans.

In our local scenario when we look at the work of William Kapris who is also known as a Minister operating in prison, he is not a high risk murderer or rapist that the people think he is.

But he is rather a high profile celebrity committing bigger crimes to rob enough money to share and feed the poor and the little and forgotten grass root people who have not been well looked after by the so called elected leaders. Those adopted and masterminded techniques have been seen as a successful strategy that is now employed by other high profile celebrities or sources in all levels. And as a prisoner he is only used as a "hitman", by people who are locked up with him in his maximum security unit cell block.

The stories are becoming clearer now to believe that the escape of William Kapris and other 11 hardcore prisoners from maximum security unit on the 12 January 2010 was not his intention to do so but it was the work of the high profile celebrities commanded by a civilian beautiful woman who pretended to be a human rights lawyer that forced themselves into this high security prison with the help of their counterparts, "uniformed" correctional officers, and conducted a perfect work of the day. Mr Kapris was well protected and without a single scratch during the time of the escape and even during the time of his recapture and return to the maximum security unit despite plans to split his.

The opposite action was taken on the mates of Kapris, John Siko Wel and James Pari Bomai as part of their bodies were split off with blood spilling all over their bodies and it looks like they will not escape again in the future.

For William Kapris Nanua his escapes also brought relief to the law and justice agencies as the government has spent millions of kina by police operations and investigations work, forced by the actions of the prisoner. Every time when Kapris escapes the government immediately comes in to assist the law enforcement agencies - police and correctional service with the purchasing of new vehicles and other operational resources, apart from the funding of the re-capture operations and investigations work.

Thank you Mr Kapris for your kind gesture every time you set foot out of Bomana maximum prison gate. Imagine if the government does the same to other more than 100 hardcore prisoners who escaped about the same period with Kapris, we can be rest assured that there will be more new vehicles more than enough to allocate to police and correctional service officers to assist in the daily duties.

The Police investigators who were conducting their interviews with William Kapris at the time were interrupted and did not complete their interview and were ordered that he be immediately taken to Bomana Prison.

And the Commissioner's intention to visit William Kapris Nanua in his prison cell was further interrupted by Attorney General and Justice Minister Dr. Allan Marat, former Police Commmissioner Peter Aigilo and his Correctional Service Counterpart, Acting Commissioner Henry Wavik when they visited Minister Kapris in his prison cell on Tuesday 9 February 2010 from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm a day earlier than Mr. Baki's appointment date of Wednesday 10 February 2010, officially made to Henry Wavik to visit Mr. Kapris in his cell block.

The interest and intention for the high profile politicians and top law and order bureaucrats to visit and talk to prisoner Kapris at this time when his was trying to reveal and expose the names of high profile celebrities who may have some connections with him is more suspicious and could be an act of conspiracy to divert the course of justice in the whole bank robbery and escape cases.

The ordinary police, warders and citizens of this country need to know the reasons why these people are going into prison to visit Kapris when the government investigation team is already in Bomana Prison conducting the investigations into the whole issue.

Where is fairness in the law and justice system? If the leaders' actions is seen as not a fairness in the law and justice system then it's good to have the political leaders attending NEC meeting in Kimbe to make a decision and approve the return of the Australian ECP Police to come to PNG and conduct the investigation into William Kapris Nanua cases and other police work.

These gentlemen should be suspended from their offices and investigated by police immediately because their actions now affect the majority of prisoners in their effort and long wait for their power of mercy and parole releases. The parole release papers of rapist/politician James Yali in Boen CIS is only waiting for signatures of Marat and Wavik.

Is William Kapris Nanua next on their list for release? William Kapris Nanua has his own list a good number of high profile names to be released as well. So, don't interfere with the work of his 'release list.'

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