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Monday, February 15, 2010

Powes Parkop for Prime Minister

PAPUA New Guinea a country blessed with all the riches that you could ever name from the mountains to the costal islands, it is surely a paradise.

Unfortunately, these riches are not reflected on all the citizens of this great country and the paradise is not so because we have been ripped off and denied our birth rights by a minority pack of leaders who are selfish, greedy and evil.

In the light of this God has come to the aid of this nation through the incredible and humble leadership of this great governor of NCD -Hon. Powes Parkop.

In just two years one cannot believe the amount of work he has done through new initiatives and projects that he has done in NCD. He has even taken up the task to carry out district improvements in all the three NCD open electorates leaving their respective members with virtually nothing to work or rather revealing their inefficiencies and lack of basic services delivery woes.

I wonder what Moresby will be like at the end of his term in 2012. From the current scenario I am foreseeing significant changes with new infrastructural developments, beautification and remodelling of the city to be the pearl of the Pacific which will definitely have a direct positive attitude change on everyone.

This clearly shows that he's a leader who's got the heart for his people. He's got all the attributes that defines a perfect leader, hence he stands tall above the pack, his actions are louder than his words and his words are full of wisdom and understanding, he walks and lives a normal life like the rest of us, he is the light at the end of the dark tunnel and answer to all the political corruption that has taken away what is right fully for the simple people of this land.

There's a dawn of a new era and let God be glorified for giving us Powes Parkop; he is the answer to all our leadership problems that our nation is currently facing. He is the man capable of rescuing us with his strong, honest, prudent and transparent leadership. He can maximise the huge returns of the LNG projects to make a difference in everyone's life, not just few politicians and their cronies.

God has already given him the mandate and now he has gained the support and mandate of all Papua New Guineans across all sectors and walks of life.  He is the man to lead this nation to the next generation and beyond and is truly Prime Ministerial material.

I urge everyone including the politicians, civil servants and the rest of us with the nation at heart to support Mr. Parkop to be the next PM.

Let's look forward to 2012, Mr. Parkop you have my support whatever it takes. May you be the Prime Minister of this great land in the near future.

Powes Parkop Admirer.
Mt Hagen.

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  1. That is right, he has done very well until the launching of the NCDC Audit Report which has now revealed his dark side and can be seen as really frightening. He is a real fake and his key accomplice is Justin Tkatchenko.
    Both of them have collaborated together to steal and misappropriate funds from NCDC. Check him out