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Sunday, February 7, 2010

We want to see action now on housing

MP Peter O'Neil's outburst in the daily papers about the recommendations put forward by the ICCC is not warranted.

He needs to shut up and act now. If Peter O'Neil doesn't know, he needs to be reminded that the housing issue in PNG  has already reached emergency situation. It serves nobody any purpose in bickering and using worn out politics anymore.

Please, cut all the hot air and crap on housing and let PNG for once see action first.
We're intelligent enough to give credit where it's due when all things are said and done.

Let 2010 be the government's year of real action please.

By, the way, I am suggesting to Mr O'Neil  (and his government)  to  set the money and land aside, take their hands off  and, entrust  the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG  (CBCPNG) to take over the Housing Tendering, Supervision and Project Management in PNG.

We've reached emergency situation in this matter already. So it's only fitting that an organisation such as CBCPNG that is concerned with the welfare and quality of life for the citizens of this country takes on a role like this. We trust them to do a better job than politicians.

Basic housing prices is beyond K500 per week for an average worker in  Port Moresby. It is clearly unaffordable.
And don't you think such a basic understanding like this is not a valid reason to adopt a radical shift in thinking like what I am suggesting here, Mr. O'Neil and NA?

Patriotic Nationalist
Port Moresby

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