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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Member for Mendi on Shopping Spree is a Childhood Dream Reality

Definitely when Pr, Isaac Joseph was growing up, he loves building sand castle on the banks of Wara Mendi. He builds a couple and pretends to sell them to his friends using leaves as the medium of trade. He also collects SP bottle caps from his dad’s beer shop affix them to a piece of wood and drove them into his sand castles.

Obviously, years leading up to his election he was supported by regular church goers who gave for the Love of God. ‘He who holds the key unlocks the door’ who knew what Pr. Isaac Joseph was made of.

His current status as Member for Mendi has drastically changed his lifestyle. Well we only get castles in mediaeval England and other European states but we do have hundred thousand kina worth of properties in Port Moresby and in just over a period of two years since taking office the member has bought himself a number of properties in Port Moresby and in Mendi.

He also took his experience in driving a wooden toy to one made of steel costing thousands of kina. From that period he has bought six different cars and the latest is a Toyota Camry (Altis) costing almost K100, 000.00 of tax payers’ money. To put the icing on the cake he has find himself a fiancĂ© maybe half his age and daughter of another Southern Highlands MP, and prominent businessman.

Never in any given Parliament session he has asked or spoke for the people of Mendi. But played cheap media politics by taking reporters around to write biased and one sided reports. If you roam around with him in his car, he will only boast about his two hours boxing training at Holiday Inn and how fit he is in terms of physical features. He loves fashion thus, his wardrobe holds clothes valuing between K100 and K200.

He has promised the people of Mendi during his various ground breaking ceremonies but they all remain mere promises. Because he operates in his cars in Port Moresby his office at the parliament house is collecting dust and cobweb has started to build up. I don’t know what he is good at. Maybe Governor Anderson Agiru is not mentoring him good enough. Pr. Isaac Joseph is one of the dumbest MP, Mendi electorate has ever had.

Michael Nali was similar but because of his part in the National politics that surged him to the second highest post in PNG politics, he received no criticisms.  However, he also went on a similar shopping spree like the current MP, Pr. Isaac Joseph. If a former MP is trying to return to politics you must be man enough to come out publicly through the media by telling the silent majority of your achievements.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to the eligible voters of Mendi not to cast your votes to people who failed us to put their interest before ours.

Thank you

Mone Paiknoai Sam

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  1. Mone Paiknoai Sam, Thank you for highlighting those issues because the people of mendi are still in bed sleeping. They need to wake up and think. Its a disgrace to vote in some dum like Pr isaac.