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Monday, February 15, 2010

Agwi's move must be applauded

AS A patriotic citizen of this country, I was surprised when reading new PNGDF commander Brigadier -General Francis Agwi's desire to rectify the force's performance to meet the growing demand placed on it in the fact of this nation being faced with many controversial security issues.

Agwi is contemplating on the fact that the PNGDF is a national instrument that plays a crucial role in serving and protecting the sovereignty of this country, and is wasting no time in taking diagnostic measures to remedy the loopholes PNGDF has in its functionality.  I laud him for taking this bold step in quickly acting to solve outstanding matters as well as focusing on fine-tuning the force to meet future demands preemptively.

I was quite amazed when I read the news of Agwi advocating against family violence and polygamy with the PNGDF circles.  It is quite moving that he has pledged never to tolerate, as as such, come hard on soldiers who practice polygamy and involve in family violence.

Applauding the good precedent set by Agwi, one thing I want the new commander to prioritise is increase the current 2,000 defence force personnel to 5,000 as proposed in the medium term military plan, by convincing the government for funding.  This would beef up security at the borders and seas where smuggling of illegal products is rampant and foreigners illegally entering our shores. 

A logical government will consider that what it spends on training 2,000 - 3,000 military personnel in a space of two to three years is far less than what it is losing in tax revenue through smuggling of goods into the country and our resources out of the country.

As such, with the support of the Government, Agwi must embark on increasing the PNGDF.
With Agwi, the PNDDF's prospect of being a sound and robust force is brighter.

Komson Nick Kome
Hohola, NCD

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