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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wigman picture is a blessing in disguise for Hela tourism

I WROTE a letter to Sunday Chronicle to tell Hela Gimbu chairman that instead of going to the USA to seek an apology from an unknown graphic designer who cut and pasted the face of Obama on the face of Paya Kaganalu, he should study and think of creating something positive out of that photo for the tourism potential.

He felt offended and took it too personally and argued without reasoning what I posed to him.  I do not have a personal vendetta against him but as a Hela intellectual, I felt stupid about his proposal to seek an apology from an unknown graphic artists in the US. 

You may have received an email that he would apologise but does that do any good to Hela and the wig man culture?

That's what I call a simple publicity stunt by some glory seekers to make a living from it.   After the man apologises, he will not kill a buffalo from the Kansas prairie and give you a hind leg to take back for Hela people.  Instead he will only run to every media outlet describing some Huli wig men of New Guinea demanding an apology for just a picture.

Mind you Damien, Obama and the world gets this kind of cartoons almost every day so let's get civilized and not create a negative fuss for Hela but rather plan and see how we can lure tourists to our soil using that picture.

The world has changed to being electronic so let's work something good for Hela and the country, not getting to fussy about every insignificant issue and remain with that backward attitude.

Damien should learn not to be driven by his personal ego but be purpose-driven while holding that important Hela office and learn to listen to advice coming in various shapes, sizes and forms such as viewpoints in the press.  That's healthy food for thought.

Lastly, never curse people as it will always come back to you and shorten your life.

Tigili Hare Igini Lare
Doma Peaks, Hela

  • The matter is now closed -Editor

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