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Monday, February 22, 2010

K10m DSIP not producing results

I am a concerned leader in Southern Highlands province. I would like to express my opinion and dissatisfaction over the District Improvement Support Grant of K10 million allocated for each district in the province.

The money was given by the National Government for basic services and needs for the people of SHP, yet I observed that nothing was done.

All the nine SHP MPs have been given the mandate to lead when they got elected but there has been no improvement in the province. The grant was not used in all the districts so where did the money go to? There have been some false accounting given on work been done but this appears to be only speculation.

MPs can fool village people but they cannot fool God. Every little move by all the nine MPs has been monitored. With the 2012 election approaching, it looks like some MPs are caught up in a rush hour.
Shame on those MPs who were doing last minute work which would not determine the future of SHP. I am a true leader talking on behalf of my grassroots people of SHP.

We have not seen much of Governor Anderson Agiru and his work.

John Mombulu Arikepo

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