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Monday, February 22, 2010

Yama has nothing to do with threats

WE write to air our views and concerns regarding recent media reports about PNG Law Society President Kerenga Kua, Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited Managing Director Dr John Mua and Peter Yama.

The media reported that Mr Kua and Dr Mua did not want to pay Mr Yama's company the money as ordered by the highest court of this land. Therefore Mr Yama is alleged to have placed K100,000 on the heads of the two to be killed.

Just by looking at the reports, the allegations of threats on the lives of these two high profile men are just rubbish, unfounded and childish. Why run away and make baseless statements when they can defend themselves?

From the layman's point of view, they would have saved millions by paying Yama Security Services the initial National Court Judgment Order of K3.8 million in an out of court settlement. But now the amount has doubled and would triple if it is continued to be delayed. Why should MVIL pay millions of kina to one person when thousands of Third Party Insurance claims of motor vehicle accidents are still pending?

The public will also question why police have been prevented from exercising their constitutional duty. Why obstruct the duty of the police?

We know that Mr Yama would never do such silly things like murdering somebody. We know that he is a God fearing man who has a heart for everyone mainly from the grassroots up. He has spent so much time in the courts fighting cases involving business and politics. He is a fighter who battles for legal justice. Whoever doubts Mr Yama's reputation and credibility is totally wrong because we the grassroots know that he is a straight shooter.

How could a man who has won a Supreme Court decision, threatens somebody? The law is on his side already and these claims of threats do not make sense.

Someone is playing delay tactic in releasing the money. If the bank has an outstanding loan by Mr Yama's company then let the bank claim it through normal court processes by filing new proceedings. That's the way to go.

Mr Yama, we admire you as a true leader who can speak for the voiceless grassroots people because we know you came up the hard way from a humble beginning.

Unemployed Youths
Lae City

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