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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter message lost to sport

I AM a born again Christian and write through this paper to express the significant truth established in the word of Almighty God about Easter that I believe is not properly observed, respected and honored by us.

It is abused without honour and respect maybe because of lack of faith in the word of God that the day is meaningless to us and most people would be seen doing non spiritual activities on Good Fridays and Sundays other than going to church. There is no fear of God in us on this day and the consequences will be faced by us at the time of judgment in His kingdom when our earthly days are over and we individually stand at His mighty throne and the revelations of our earthly doings/works accuse us and judgments is passed on us.

Easter is significant to Christians who in their act of faith in God understand the spiritual truth through the teachings of His Word fully observe it to be holy, become mindful of the sufferings, agonies and sorrows that the Lord Jesus went through during the last days of his earthly life before crucifixion in the hands of evil men of the world to fulfill the will of His Father for the sins of many to be crucified. He died, was buried and rose up victoriously from the grave and established the new covenant between man and God. The day has its purpose that we should understand and keep it holy from Good Friday to Sunday, the day of resurrection.

Easter has its activities on Good Fridays and Sundays involving church activities that differ from church to church with thanksgiving, Easter plays, etc. There are activities organized prior to the day by churches for their members as lead up activities in preparations. Those activities are acts of worship and service to Almighty God in the duty to His Will as declared in his word. It is a Kingdom Will and does have blessings in heaven and on earth. It is not a waste of time. God is glorified, worshipped, honored and blessed and becomes happy in the Kingdom and does right by pouring down abundant blessings upon us experienced in groups and individually. Easter has a spiritual purpose and must be observed accordingly.

It is not time to stage sporting tournaments and championships for these activities do not give glory, worship and honor to Almighty God. They are not His Will, purpose and service and are not gifts and talents from the Kingdom of Heaven rather they are gifts, talents and services of the world that man work hard to achieve the prize in winning the grand finals and are presented with money, shields, trophies, etc. They are earthly prizes. Sporting associations and movements must carefully consider the spiritual requirement of Easter and must hold sporting tournaments and championships at other times in the year.

The staging of sporting tournaments and championships at Easter are non-spiritual activities that man uses to promote himself and give service to himself and in an act of disobedience and lawlessness that contributes to his fall before the Almighty God. Sporting activities held in Easter have Christians involved who should carefully consider their relationship with their creator and should distinguish between Kingdom services that give honor, glory and worship to God and earthly service for personal prestige. Those who have ears will listen and consider the importance of Easter and its purposes, truth and service to keep it holy.

Kenneth Haro
Port Moresby

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