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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter message lost to sport

I AM a born again Christian and write through this paper to express the significant truth established in the word of Almighty God about Easter that I believe is not properly observed, respected and honored by us.

It is abused without honour and respect maybe because of lack of faith in the word of God that the day is meaningless to us and most people would be seen doing non spiritual activities on Good Fridays and Sundays other than going to church. There is no fear of God in us on this day and the consequences will be faced by us at the time of judgment in His kingdom when our earthly days are over and we individually stand at His mighty throne and the revelations of our earthly doings/works accuse us and judgments is passed on us.

Easter is significant to Christians who in their act of faith in God understand the spiritual truth through the teachings of His Word fully observe it to be holy, become mindful of the sufferings, agonies and sorrows that the Lord Jesus went through during the last days of his earthly life before crucifixion in the hands of evil men of the world to fulfill the will of His Father for the sins of many to be crucified. He died, was buried and rose up victoriously from the grave and established the new covenant between man and God. The day has its purpose that we should understand and keep it holy from Good Friday to Sunday, the day of resurrection.

Easter has its activities on Good Fridays and Sundays involving church activities that differ from church to church with thanksgiving, Easter plays, etc. There are activities organized prior to the day by churches for their members as lead up activities in preparations. Those activities are acts of worship and service to Almighty God in the duty to His Will as declared in his word. It is a Kingdom Will and does have blessings in heaven and on earth. It is not a waste of time. God is glorified, worshipped, honored and blessed and becomes happy in the Kingdom and does right by pouring down abundant blessings upon us experienced in groups and individually. Easter has a spiritual purpose and must be observed accordingly.

It is not time to stage sporting tournaments and championships for these activities do not give glory, worship and honor to Almighty God. They are not His Will, purpose and service and are not gifts and talents from the Kingdom of Heaven rather they are gifts, talents and services of the world that man work hard to achieve the prize in winning the grand finals and are presented with money, shields, trophies, etc. They are earthly prizes. Sporting associations and movements must carefully consider the spiritual requirement of Easter and must hold sporting tournaments and championships at other times in the year.

The staging of sporting tournaments and championships at Easter are non-spiritual activities that man uses to promote himself and give service to himself and in an act of disobedience and lawlessness that contributes to his fall before the Almighty God. Sporting activities held in Easter have Christians involved who should carefully consider their relationship with their creator and should distinguish between Kingdom services that give honor, glory and worship to God and earthly service for personal prestige. Those who have ears will listen and consider the importance of Easter and its purposes, truth and service to keep it holy.

Kenneth Haro
Port Moresby

The reserved seats bill is unbiblical

This is an open letter to the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament and Christians in PNG in regard to the proposed draft bill to reserve seats in the National Parliament for women now approved by the recent Kimbe cabinet meeting.

It is very sad as our country is likely to go into the hands of the evil one. It is morally wrong for our existence on this planet earth according to the creator. These are very clear signs of the last days with the devil taking full control and influencing the government system and bureaucrats to come up with a foolish bill for women to be represented in our parliament in the name of gender equality.

Gender Equality was the most important agenda that the devil successfully developed and introduces into the United Nation's goal so that it can use its financial muscle to force countries around the world to implement his destructive agenda and it has now became normal for most countries today.

Now this agenda has slowly crept into the Papua New Guinea government system, NGOs and churches and finally it is now on its way to become law for this country. As far as this bill is concerned, we have not seen or heard any opposition from leaders from any Christian churches because their minds and eyes have been blind-folded by the evil one.

Satan is whispering to the church leaders and cabinet ministers that gender equality means that men and women are equal. Beware of the sweet whispers from the father of all lies who lied to the woman in the beginning of creation. Because there were the only people in the beginning, satan used the snake to lie to the woman and the woman accepted the devil's sweet talk and picked the fruit from the knowledge tree. Today there are thousands of people around that the devil finds it very easy to delegate his destructive duties.

Remember that man is the original head of God's happy family from the beginning of creation. The devil is the father of all lies so he is using the existing system and saying now that woman is also the head of the family too. We have to be very careful my good Christian friends.

As a real Christian (not Sunday or seasonal Christian), I want to tell those of you used your time, knowledge and skills influenced by the wicked one to come up with this controversial bill now to be debated by parliament.  You will face God sooner or later and be ready any time to explain to God by breaking the very fundamental law to mankind as stated very clearly in his book. Read Genesis 2, verses 7, and 21 through 24.

Remember, man and woman are not same or equal. Evil minded people talk too much about gender equality in all forms of trainings, workshops, sports, religious activities and in all form of media they conduct just to influence the minds of the general public, bureaucrats and politicians to believe it true. Please Christian leaders of all denominations and current politicians of this God blessed country, wake up from your deep sleep and make your stand on this issue as the devil is very desperately trying to distort the natural fundamental law set by God.

If the proposed bill passed by the Government (which I doubt), there will be a lot of social problems and family break ups. Women will be very busy competing for power, name and fame, leaving behind God given responsibilities resulting in increased social problems and a broken society. This is the main objective of the evil one, who wants to see broken families, societies and increased law and order problems. I am urging all good God appointed Christians of the current parliament to vigorously debate and vote against the devil orchestrated bill at all cost.

Also on leadership, Paul's first letter to the Corinthian at Chapter 11: verse 3 and again in verses 8 and 9, the apostle is very clear on the matter.

God has put marriage and family as a very important institution where the man is the head of the family, leader of tribes, clans, communities, LLGs and parliament to govern its people. Nowhere in the Holy Bible does it state anything about a woman becoming a leader whether in government or in God's churches.

Finally, I strongly believe that this message is very crystal clearl and I urge all our good members of the current parliament to vote against this bill out so that we do not get to hear it again in parliament or in any form of media.

Real Christian
National Capital District

Tribute to Australian Kiaps and Patrol Officers

THIS year as we focus on the National Census, I am reminded of some unsung heroes who have contributed so much to the development of our country and who formed the basis of our census. 

They were called the 'kiaps'. Kiap is a word originating in PNG in pidgin, it largely means captain. The Kiaps undertook their service in Papua New Guinea between 1949 and 1974, after the end of the Second World War when Papua New Guinea was then an Australian managed territory known as the Territory of Papua and New Guinea. The best estimate of how many men served in these roles is around 2,000.

The kiaps were noted for going on patrols. Every village in Papua New Guinea was to be visited at least once per year for annual census. So it was that the kiaps and medical staff who saw more or less every person in

Papua New Guinea at least once per year. At those times, the census was rural Papua New Guinea's registry of births marriages and deaths. Time and again the kiaps were made aware of how much the people appreciated the annual census revision. Typically, following the census the kiap would arbitrate a spectrum of disputes, ranging from compensation for pigs damaging gardens to lovers' quarrels and so their duties were not limited. Their duty statement contained the traditional bureaucratic proviso at the end that said that on top of all those other duties they were required to carry out 'any other duties that may be directed to be carried out from time to time'.

Our country, as known to outsiders, is a country of large impenetrable jungles, high mountain ranges and wide and wild rivers. The rough terrain makes it extremely difficult to move between places, resulting in the isolation of tribal groups and more than 700 languages among those tribes. It still remains.

"The kiaps were an extraordinary group of young Australians who performed a remarkable service of our country. "They were some of the Australia's finest", said one former kiap. Their adventurous spirit was matched only by their commitment to the wellbeing of the people of Papua New Guinea. If you do not know or if your parents never told you, then the story of the Australian Kiaps remains largely untold to many Australians and Papua New Guineans today especially those born in post-independence.

The kiaps were usually representative of all arms of government in frontier areas and they often brought the first trickle of European civilization to any unreachable places. The extraordinary efforts of these Australian men and a small number of women make up a valuable chapter in Australia and Papua New Guinea's history but are still untold. I say thank you to those Aussies and their families. These great Australians and of course with the aiding of few energetic Papua New Guineans have achieved amazing results with limited resources and in the most inhospitable conditions.

 "The kiaps lived a dangerous existence," another former kiap said. "There was an ever-present threat of attack from hostile tribes and locals, and many kiaps were murdered on patrol. The harsh conditions on the frontier also proved to be very dangerous, with accidents and illness claiming the lives of kiaps. The list of kiaps killed in boating and aircrafts accidents are extensive and many are unrecorded".

They kept our primitive and hostile communities together in the formative years of PNG. They kept our tribes together and kept our villages and districts functioning. In Philip Fitzpatrick's book he describes the kiaps as men with dogged perseverance who helped bring the emerging nation of Papua New Guinea to independence. During their patrols kiaps could have been killed by poison tipped arrows or spears or axed to death. They could have suffered from accidents or sicknesses like malaria or been exposed to snakes, crocodiles, large bush pigs and millions of mosquitoes. Patrols were certainly not glamorous; rather, they were hard, dirty uncomfortable work compared to conditions those Aussies now working under AusAID funded projects.

They went where others feared to tread and did so without unnecessary bloodsheds or disruptions of the lives of the people, frequently to the detriment of their own health and well being. Some died in drowning accidents. Others were murdered while on official police business, such as the East New Britain District Commissioner Jack Emmanuel, who was killed by disaffected landowners on the Gazelle Peninsula when he attempted to intervene in a land ownership dispute.

They made PNG in a state of constant fear and predation, village upon village, to one of free travel, cooperation across language groups and peace between long standing tribal combatants. When one compare their duties at that time to the US and Australian armies no serving in Iraq or Afghanistan today, I believe both are at par.

Without these Australians and few Papua New Guineans in those days, PNG would not have come this far. Indeed all ex-kiaps deserve some kind of recognitions from both Papua New Guinea and Australian governments.
Jacob Sekewa,
Port Moresby.

Witch hunt on for East Pangia FMA project

ANOTHER interesting development in the East Pangia saga is looming in Port Moresby. This time a group of disgruntled leaders from the resource area are going around work places and houses in the city to have signatures of the resource owners to support their witch hunt.

The group is also spreading unsubstantiated allegations against the leaders who have supported the logging project.

Those spearheading the witch hunt are from the area where most of their forest is inaccessible mountainous landscape. Their deliberate attempt is to jeopardize the project and let everybody suffer. The resource owners are expecting this group of desperados to come up to the resource areas and promote their agendas, where the actual activities are going to take place.

However, resource owners are wondering; whose interest they are pursuing and what alternative do they have to offer in the absence of logging? The worst case scenario that could arise is all out war against each other. Illiterates at home don't know much about sophisticated management and technical aspect of the process. All they worry about is someone who can turn their trees in to money.

The message from the Forest Department was clear enough on the issues of human errors and technical blunders and even resource owners were told that, administrative matters can be rectified during a supplementary period. And those that thought they have missed out shall be included  during supplementary exercise or at any time during the period of logging. No resource owner is going to be a spectator even if you think otherwise.

Once again core resources owners are calling on those disgruntle resource owners to respect the innocent ones at home and support the project. Unless you have an alternative idea, which shall better serve the interest of everybody in the area.   

Port Moresby

Monday, March 1, 2010

Scandals remain unresolved


WHEN assuming office after the 2007 general elections, Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare promised Papua New Guinean citizens "a new path for enhanced growth and development as credible and dignified nation".

These were the opening remarks by Sir Michael in his State of the Nation's address delivered in Parliament House on Sept 18, 2007, during the opening of the PNG's Eighth National Parliament.

Today, many PNG citizens are asking if these words of being "credible and dignified" in the handling of important national issues, particularly major scandals and controversies involving ministers and members of government have been fulfilled.

The apparent lack of appropriate action to fight corruption at high places is a major concern among citizens and non-citizens alike.

The level of corruption has reached unprecedented level. Many concern citizens are asking why a blind eye has been turned on this cancerous issue. It is fast destroying the fabric of Papua New Guinean society.

For instance, controversy surrounding the Moti Affair has been the subject of discussion from corporate boardrooms to street talk and prison cells PNG-wide since Oct 2006.

The Defence Force Commission of Inquiry established that on Oct 10, 2007, international fugitive and former Solomon Island Attorney General Julian Moti was spirited out of Port Moresby to Munda, Solomon Islands in a clandestine operation under alleged PM's instructions.

Action has yet to be taken to prosecute those involved. Instead court relief had been sought to prevent the publication of the Moti Inquiry Report and its recommendations implemented.

As well, the no appropriate action has been taken against those involved in the failed US29.8 million (K85 million) Taiwan diplomacy scandal. PNG citizens are alleged to have received bribes.

In Taiwan, the Government has taken court action to order the return of the money from diplomatic brokers Ching Chi-ju and Wu Shih-tsai.

Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek has confirmed the Ombudsman Commission is investigating this and another scandal involving $US40 million (K145 million) in Singapore accounts, money from log exports, sitting in a bank account of a PNG government minister looked after by a "consortium" in that country.

Mr Manek said because it involved different jurisdictions, the investigations would take time. OC investigators travelled to Singapore and Taiwan towards the end of last year and returned with some valuable information.
Other controversies that remain unresolved include declaration of shareholding in Pacific Registry of Ships Limited; and court actions to stop the Ombudsman Commission and the Public Prosecutor from performing their constitutionally mandated duties on allegations of the PM not completing or providing annual returns since 1992. Also outstanding is the OC's referral of State Enterprises Minister Arthur Somare to the Public Prosecutor on March 9.

The respect, credibility and dignity of the government appear to be fast diminishing. Concerns have also been raised over the continued support of the government by government backbenchers and ministers.

All Government ministers, vice ministers, parliamentary committee chairmen and backbenchers are equally guilty by their association and support.

Engans die as Ipatas meddles in public service

IT HAS   been very interesting for me as a former Enga Assembly member, who has served the very people of Enga from 1990 to 1995, to read about our Honorable Governor, Mr. Peter Ipatas complaining about small administrative issues in the media.

This to me is a childish statement and deliberate intention of tarnishing and diminishing a reputable and simple public servant who has performed to his ability in delivering most needed health services to the very people who have voted Mr Ipatas.

Mr. Salan Ere, (who was my former colleage) is a professional health extension officer (HEO) and a career public servant who was clocked 26 years in the public sector, and 4 years in politics as Member of the Enga Provincial Assembly from 1990 to 1995 and held senior portfolios like Finance and Planning for three consecutive years, under the premiership of Danly Tinduwi.

Furthermore, during the time of Mr. Salan Ere, as a provincial minister responsible for financial meters, planning and budgeting only K12, 000,000 and thus handling of political issues as the Deputy Premier of Enga under Tinduwi's political regime, he has never been once questioned by the Auditor General's office or referred to the Ombudsman Commission like Mr. Ipatas who was found guilty and fined K1, 000 each for 16 counts and paid K16, 000.00 in total as fine.

Since Ipatas took over from Danly Tinduwi in 1996, as Governor of Enga, politics has crept into very important education and health institutions.  As a result, Sopas District Hospital in Wabag District, then provincial hospital entirely owned and operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Mission (SDA) has closed due to continuous  political influence and interference in 1998. Thus also resulting in a very important institution; the only Nursing College being transferred to Pacific Adventist University in Port Moresby by the SDA Church.

Also Mambsianda district hospital located in Wapendamenda district, owned and operated by the Gutnius Lutheran Church which has also been recognized as a provincial hospital for several years has been crippled by continuous political interference by Mr Ipatas and his political cronies.

We are talking about 300,000 plus Enga people's lives being at stake at this crucial moment.  Where  does Ipatas stands: to save lives of people who are dying of curable disease daily or continue to politicize health institutions and decrease the Enga population?

I think, Mr. Ipatas should prioritize and accommodate law and order in his provincial budget, (which has not been the case in his 13 years administration) and address all tribal warfare taking tens of thousands of lives and destroying property worth millions. The Enga Police facilities like vehicles, operational costs, allowances, cell block, police residence etc, have deteriorated over the past 13 years and who is responsible!

Finally, honorable Governor,  we call you the action man, you should immediately stop the two tribal fights in Surunki, Laiagam district and Suyane in Kandep District which has claimed more than 15 lives within a month. Your immediate priority is to concentrate on your backyard rather than sponsoring rugby league for political gain and sticking your nose into administrative matters. You have never been a public servant yourself and whilst you are talking about petty issues,  your own people are dying, starving for basic health and education services, homeless and scattered all over PNG in hope  of experiencing peace, harmony and fair distribution of resources and business opportunities.

Nathan Piari (Mr.)
Former Enga Assembly Member and
Minister for Finance and Planning

Somare's successor hard to find

THE Rt Honourable Sir Michael Somare declared himself in Kandep that he will bow out in 2012.

If it is true then there will be huge void left behind the father of this nation and the longest serving politician in PNG and the Commonwealth.

The man, who led the nation from the dark ages to where it is today, will leave a very proud legacy but a huge void none will be able to fit in his shoes.

Sir Michael Somare, who fought for the poor and the oppressed, women and children, a committed family man and public servant, will leave a very crystal clear path for the future generation to learn from and lead the nation.

Sir M.Somare has indicated that there are many potential leaders out there who will take the challenge and lead the nation. He never mentioned or recommended anyone in his National Alliance party, or other coalition partners. A man of wisdom always knows that anybody can do the job of the prime minister. If he had mentioned anyone he would have offended the coalition partners or his NA party members.

In many countries, prime ministers, presidents and kings always recommend successors but in PNG it was not. However, fewer world leaders, who have trust and confidence in their country's know that anyone who has the potential to lead the nation never recommends anyone but that was up to the people to decide.

Come 2012 elections, it will be very hard to find someone like Sir Somare who has turned the economy around. Out of his four regional deputy leaders, Sir Puka Temu would be a right candidate as he has proven that he has potential to unite PNG. The other three would be too young because it not good for the future generation.

From among the coalition, Southern Highlands Governor Henderson Aigiru stands out. Honourable Aigiru has proven to be the potential candidate.

In the opposition, the two former Prime ministers (Hon. Sir Morauta and Hon. Sir Chan) and Honourable Bart Philemon would be possible candidates.

In contemporary PNG society, people must be united and sharing wealth and resources together. Many candidates would be available for selection in 2012 but a few who spoke about unity and equal distribution of resources and wealth and are committed to the development of PNG while being united are Sir Puka, Sir Meker, Sir Julius, Hon. Philemon and Hon. Agiru.

These leaders have spoken about unity of PNG and equal distribution of the country's wealth.
It's up to the People of PNG to gear up for coming elections in 2012.

Gibson Palimas,

PNG needs more Helen Clarks and Carol Kidus!

TODAY PNG needs more Helen Clarks and Dame Carol Kidus to make a big difference in the way our country needs to be governed.  I am a great admirer of these two women who have achieved so much for their countries.

Helen Clark has been a great leader of New Zealand in recent years and I am sure her latest role as a UNDP administrator will bring about much required change to our region and globally in the years to come.

Dame Carol is also a great PNG politician.  She has made a lot of difference in PNG politics in her three terms as an MP.  It would be great to see more women parliamentarians as they enhance the overall quality of parliamentary discussions where much needed debate is required before laws are passed for the country. 

It is a pity that she intends not running for public office in 2012 but we need more champions for the marginalised people of PNG.  As part motuan I am very angry about what is happening to the cultural enviroment of this peaceful race of people of Central province and am very concerned sad that the Motu-Koita people may now not be well represented in future without Dame Kidu around.

The recent decision to have 22 reserved seats for women in parliament is a step in the right direction even if it is a bit late (after 34 years after Independence).  Whilst a collective NEC decision, many people will still attribute this to the tireless efforts (despite many unfair criticisms) of Dame Carol Kidu both in and outside parliament.  Well done Dame.

Today, PNG's governance is going off on a tangent.  This country desperately needs real credible leaders like Dame Kidu still serving the people of PNG in parliament.  The public is now urged to give their support in whatever way needed to "keep Kidu" as PNG needs more MPs like her.

Reginald Renagi
Port Moresby

Witch hunters' weapon

THE OMBUDSMAN Commission (OC) is created under the Constitution. It is an important creature of Constitution. Leaders and public officials are subject to the OC. But the OC is now unreachable and untouchable.

Knowing the law is one thing. Seeking justice and fairness is another matter. Such seems to be the case with Patrick Pruaitch.

When the OC gave the leader right to be heard in September 2006 and after the leader responded in October and November 2006 the OC delayed its deliberation and carried out new investigations.

A summons issued to Kanawi Pouru by the OC in Phoebe Sangetari on January 2008 while asking for copies of cheques for verification sought other new and additional information.

Then in July 2009 the OC referred Patrick Pruaitch to the Public Prosecutor for leadership law tribunal to be set up on request.

A leadership tribunal has been set up by the Chief Justice. It was to have convened on 23 February 2010 if not for a stay order from the Supreme Court.

In a true spirit of seeking justice Patrick Pruaitch sought judicial review and a constitutional right enforcement before the National Court.

On each occasion the National Court refused entry to the door of justice and fairness. This is under appeal to the Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, following leadership cases will show that, the OC is very superior to the National Court. The National Court will find all the legal and procedural technicality to keep leaders and public officials out of lawful protection.

Truth about OC is 'killing leaders of PNG' is its song. When it sings Waigani dances and its National Court hides justice and fairness. Where do leaders go to seek justice and fairness when the National Court continues to shut its door?

Taking time to understand serious leadership killing game leaders will see OC for what it is. Telling arrogance and pride are lawyers and judges who act out of jealousy.

Raising legal and procedural defence is quite common in cases. Playing leaders' position and denying them entry to the door of justice and fairness lawyers and judges work for killing leaders of PNG. Such was unheard of in our country in times past.

Reality is desperate lawyers and judges will resort to desperate measures. Never before has legal practice been as worse as now.

And OC is an example of law and politics being badly played.

James Wanjik 
Port Moresby

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kapris treated differently from other escapees

THE techniques adopted by notorious criminal mastermind and three-time escapee from Bomana Correctional Institute's Maximum Security Prison, William Kapris, are somewhat similar to the work of the world's most wanted black notorious criminal and prison mastermind in the United States, "King Larry Hoover", who is known as a "Minister' in the Colorado Prison.

Larry Hoover, operates and masterminds many of the crimes in the cities of United States, from his prison cell, that are worth millions of dollars for him and his associates for the purpose of growth and development among his elite network that involves high profile people in the political and bureaucratic circles as well as members of the military or disciplinary forces who are involved in and execute his desired plans.

In our local scenario when we look at the work of William Kapris who is also known as a Minister operating in prison, he is not a high risk murderer or rapist that the people think he is.

But he is rather a high profile celebrity committing bigger crimes to rob enough money to share and feed the poor and the little and forgotten grass root people who have not been well looked after by the so called elected leaders. Those adopted and masterminded techniques have been seen as a successful strategy that is now employed by other high profile celebrities or sources in all levels. And as a prisoner he is only used as a "hitman", by people who are locked up with him in his maximum security unit cell block.

The stories are becoming clearer now to believe that the escape of William Kapris and other 11 hardcore prisoners from maximum security unit on the 12 January 2010 was not his intention to do so but it was the work of the high profile celebrities commanded by a civilian beautiful woman who pretended to be a human rights lawyer that forced themselves into this high security prison with the help of their counterparts, "uniformed" correctional officers, and conducted a perfect work of the day. Mr Kapris was well protected and without a single scratch during the time of the escape and even during the time of his recapture and return to the maximum security unit despite plans to split his.

The opposite action was taken on the mates of Kapris, John Siko Wel and James Pari Bomai as part of their bodies were split off with blood spilling all over their bodies and it looks like they will not escape again in the future.

For William Kapris Nanua his escapes also brought relief to the law and justice agencies as the government has spent millions of kina by police operations and investigations work, forced by the actions of the prisoner. Every time when Kapris escapes the government immediately comes in to assist the law enforcement agencies - police and correctional service with the purchasing of new vehicles and other operational resources, apart from the funding of the re-capture operations and investigations work.

Thank you Mr Kapris for your kind gesture every time you set foot out of Bomana maximum prison gate. Imagine if the government does the same to other more than 100 hardcore prisoners who escaped about the same period with Kapris, we can be rest assured that there will be more new vehicles more than enough to allocate to police and correctional service officers to assist in the daily duties.

The Police investigators who were conducting their interviews with William Kapris at the time were interrupted and did not complete their interview and were ordered that he be immediately taken to Bomana Prison.

And the Commissioner's intention to visit William Kapris Nanua in his prison cell was further interrupted by Attorney General and Justice Minister Dr. Allan Marat, former Police Commmissioner Peter Aigilo and his Correctional Service Counterpart, Acting Commissioner Henry Wavik when they visited Minister Kapris in his prison cell on Tuesday 9 February 2010 from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm a day earlier than Mr. Baki's appointment date of Wednesday 10 February 2010, officially made to Henry Wavik to visit Mr. Kapris in his cell block.

The interest and intention for the high profile politicians and top law and order bureaucrats to visit and talk to prisoner Kapris at this time when his was trying to reveal and expose the names of high profile celebrities who may have some connections with him is more suspicious and could be an act of conspiracy to divert the course of justice in the whole bank robbery and escape cases.

The ordinary police, warders and citizens of this country need to know the reasons why these people are going into prison to visit Kapris when the government investigation team is already in Bomana Prison conducting the investigations into the whole issue.

Where is fairness in the law and justice system? If the leaders' actions is seen as not a fairness in the law and justice system then it's good to have the political leaders attending NEC meeting in Kimbe to make a decision and approve the return of the Australian ECP Police to come to PNG and conduct the investigation into William Kapris Nanua cases and other police work.

These gentlemen should be suspended from their offices and investigated by police immediately because their actions now affect the majority of prisoners in their effort and long wait for their power of mercy and parole releases. The parole release papers of rapist/politician James Yali in Boen CIS is only waiting for signatures of Marat and Wavik.

Is William Kapris Nanua next on their list for release? William Kapris Nanua has his own list a good number of high profile names to be released as well. So, don't interfere with the work of his 'release list.'

Give Defence a pay rise now!

I FULLY support the recent call for a 100 per cent pay rise for our servicemen and woman in light of the ever-rising cost of living. 

As apart from the special service loading and other military-related allowances to compensate for the exigencies of life in the military, the general wage scales of the PNGDF must be in parity with those of the police and CIS.

Our loyal, dedicated and committed troops in all three elements deserve a well-earned pay rise.  This has been outstanding for too long and defence hierarchy has no excuse for the delay.  There is no question about money shortage as the government is flush with cash.  The troops see and read about government ministers and senior beauracrats misuse public monies, so money is no object to give the troops a decent pay rise now. 

The military is very well informed of many state agencies that make a lot of noise in recent times have been given what they demand by the government.  If defence leaders had at some time back made the right representation to Waigani, a timely pay rise would have been forthcoming for our troops sooner. 

It is quiet sad that an element of the military were compelled to petition their superiors at Defence headquarters in Murray Barracks.  This would not have occurred had top management fought hard for their troops to get a pay rise they need, but being denied for a long time.  It is no wonder the troop's patience ran out last week as reported by the media.     

Despite our troop's loyalty, long service and patience, they and their families throughout the defence community, have being failed by the system. The defence force needs a pay rise now and should bring it up on par with the police, whom have had a two pay rises under this government since 2007. 

The servicemen have been patience for far too long.  The ministry, department and PNGDF headquarters must get off their backside and demand that the men get what is due to them.  The defence council has collectively failed in their responsibility to make some much needed improvements to service conditions of the servicemen and women of our military in a timely manner. 

The PNGDF fulfills a very important national function to protect the nation, yet the government has failed to look after this once powerful organization since independence.  I call upon the prime minister and the government to give the PNGDF a well deserved pay rise. 

The money is not a big problem for the government.  It just spent over some K120 million on a useless
Falcon jet for just 12 people to fly around in, and a reported K8 million on an expensive climate-change conference in Copenhagen last year that has not brought any immediate changed benefits for PNG, with another useless meeting on again in Mexico this year.  

Reginald Renagi
Port Moresby

Claims by NGO group misleading and defamatory

YOUR article, "Madang NGO group challenges logging giant" (14/2/10), completely misrepresents both the Rimbunan Hijau Group and the current legal proceedings regarding the Middle Ramu Block 1 concession.
Logging operations at Middle Ramu are currently being wound down.

This follows a Supreme Court decision in November 2009, which found fault with the way the concession was allocated by the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA).  This decision overturned an earlier National Court decision that confirmed the action of PNGFA in awarding the concession to Rimbunan Hijau was correct.

The court did not find fault with the operations or conduct of Rimbunan Hijau, the current concession holder, nor has it "banned" logging within the concession.

The Supreme Court has ordered the PNGFA to re-evaluate the forestry development proposal lodged by Madang Timbers Limited during the original tender process.  If the Madang Timbers proposal is in order; Madang Timbers will undertake logging operations in the concession area in future.

Claims by the American-backed group 'Asples Madang' and Ecological Internet stating that landowners are opposed to logging in the concession are not correct.

As is common in PNG, various landowner factions will support the developer that comes closest to serving individual interests.

More than 100 incorporated landowner groups (ILGs) expressed their support for Rimbunan Hijau's operations in MRB1 in December 2009.

Claims by Ecological Internet that RH has bribed landowners, government officials and police are defamatory and without merit.

The story refers to a Greenpeace report that claims Rimbunan Hijau is engaged in illegal logging and human rights violations.  As has been demonstrated by a number of independent reports and audits, Rimbunan Hijau does not engage in illegal logging and its treatment of workers and communities is exemplary.

The story claims that a 'recent' report from the Department of Labour found fault with Rimbunan Hijau's operations is also without merit and defamatory.

The report in question was published in 2004.  It was commissioned externally by the Department of Labour, which rejected the report's claims after further investigation and subsequently did not publish the report.

We suggest that the Sunday Chronicle check its facts with local organizations and the subjects of its reporting rather than relying on the half-truths of foreign-based activists.

Axel Wilhelm
Manager- Corporate Policy and Affairs
Rimbinan Hijau Group

Yama has nothing to do with threats

WE write to air our views and concerns regarding recent media reports about PNG Law Society President Kerenga Kua, Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited Managing Director Dr John Mua and Peter Yama.

The media reported that Mr Kua and Dr Mua did not want to pay Mr Yama's company the money as ordered by the highest court of this land. Therefore Mr Yama is alleged to have placed K100,000 on the heads of the two to be killed.

Just by looking at the reports, the allegations of threats on the lives of these two high profile men are just rubbish, unfounded and childish. Why run away and make baseless statements when they can defend themselves?

From the layman's point of view, they would have saved millions by paying Yama Security Services the initial National Court Judgment Order of K3.8 million in an out of court settlement. But now the amount has doubled and would triple if it is continued to be delayed. Why should MVIL pay millions of kina to one person when thousands of Third Party Insurance claims of motor vehicle accidents are still pending?

The public will also question why police have been prevented from exercising their constitutional duty. Why obstruct the duty of the police?

We know that Mr Yama would never do such silly things like murdering somebody. We know that he is a God fearing man who has a heart for everyone mainly from the grassroots up. He has spent so much time in the courts fighting cases involving business and politics. He is a fighter who battles for legal justice. Whoever doubts Mr Yama's reputation and credibility is totally wrong because we the grassroots know that he is a straight shooter.

How could a man who has won a Supreme Court decision, threatens somebody? The law is on his side already and these claims of threats do not make sense.

Someone is playing delay tactic in releasing the money. If the bank has an outstanding loan by Mr Yama's company then let the bank claim it through normal court processes by filing new proceedings. That's the way to go.

Mr Yama, we admire you as a true leader who can speak for the voiceless grassroots people because we know you came up the hard way from a humble beginning.

Unemployed Youths
Lae City

Has license approval in order?

BANG, we did it again! Despite the existing ban on new logging licenses, a new license has recently been reissued to revive the massive Lolo TRP area in Cape Gloucester district, West New Britain province.

Perhaps the National Forest Authority (NFA) could tell Papua New Guinea how this became possible. NFA should also tell the country why everything about it has been kept "top secret" including the signing of the project agreement in Port Moresby. The usual media exposure expected for any major resource development had been excluded from this signing ceremony.

The National Executive Council, Forest Minister and the National Forest Board should also tell Papua New Guinea if they were involved, and if they did, on what basis was the approval made, especially against an existing ban. Or was it because it was only a renewal of an existing license? It is in the best interest of PNG, the resource owners and more so, for the sake of good governance and transparency, that the official version be registered.

I am one of those who will be affected by the project and I am very concerned. I and my Lolo people had seen and felt the pain of exploitive logging activities between 1989 and 1995. The project had given us nothing but an absolute destruction of our social livelihood and our environment.
From the millions of kina earned from the project, we were left with nothing except a destroyed people, rusting machine parts and accessories including vehicles, and a stretch of road and an airstrip that had long been overgrown with thick jungle.

Where had all the millions gone to? May be those very people that are now again at the helm of this project should know the answers. If they did not know directly, they should know one way or another because they were part of the landowner company.

Everything they attempted to do from the excessive wealth derived from the project doomed to failure. The agriculture efforts in cocoa development failed, the business development effort in wholesale ventures failed, the investment effort in real estate failed, the construction effort in roads and buildings failed, and so as everything else they tried to do.

What they were known for, at least one significant feature that survived, was excessive and lavish lifestyles they pursued that included reckless spending with booze topping the list, unnecessary leisure trips and travels around the country and the list was endless.

Unfortunately this started already when they were in Lae and then in Port Moresby to sign the second agreement recently. Several of them were refused to fly to Port Moresby because they were pissed to their eyeballs. While in Port Moresby, the whole time was spent on excessive booze up and parties. 

I challenge the executives of the landowner company to do it right for the people this time. Though they have deliberately kept out some elite landowners, "an act that bordered on nothing but pure greed and narcissism", Lolo is home and Lolo is where we all end up. Namir_sam@yahoo.com

Iau Lektatano Pou
Port Moresby

K10m DSIP not producing results

I am a concerned leader in Southern Highlands province. I would like to express my opinion and dissatisfaction over the District Improvement Support Grant of K10 million allocated for each district in the province.

The money was given by the National Government for basic services and needs for the people of SHP, yet I observed that nothing was done.

All the nine SHP MPs have been given the mandate to lead when they got elected but there has been no improvement in the province. The grant was not used in all the districts so where did the money go to? There have been some false accounting given on work been done but this appears to be only speculation.

MPs can fool village people but they cannot fool God. Every little move by all the nine MPs has been monitored. With the 2012 election approaching, it looks like some MPs are caught up in a rush hour.
Shame on those MPs who were doing last minute work which would not determine the future of SHP. I am a true leader talking on behalf of my grassroots people of SHP.

We have not seen much of Governor Anderson Agiru and his work.

John Mombulu Arikepo

Monday, February 15, 2010

Who will be the next Prime Minister?

RECENTLY the media raised interesting questions: "Who will be the next PM when the prime minister quits politics in 2011 before the 2012 National Elections; What will happen to the National Alliance Party or the current Government?

This is a subjective issue and you will get many different answers.  I will try to predict what may happen gauging from public perceptions and opinions of a coalition government's performance since the 2002 national elections.

So who will be the next PM?  This is easy in an ideal political world where the job will naturally go to the next senior MP after the prime minister in the ruling party's hierarchical 'chain of command'.  In this case, it should go to the deputy PM, Sir Puka Temu if the PM quits politics next year as speculated. 

This will not happen because we are not in an ideal political world.  There are many competing interests and shifting alliances within any coalition party government. 

First of all, the PM will not quit politics in 2011 and before the elections.  PM Somare is enjoying the feeling of power and controlling the destiny of some six million citizens that he would still has to extend his record breaking streak of being in politics until after the 2012 national elections.  

More so, no one believes this talk of leaving politics any more.  The people of PNG have heard it many times before, like prior to the 2012 and 2007 elections as predicted.  The PM did not quit politics as speculated by the media like this one.

On a hypothetical note, if the PM was to quit politics in 2011 due to some reason like ill-health, the NA party will most likely see splits in its senor ranks.  Some party members have openly shown that they do not prefer the deputy PM take the reins as they see themselves as the ideal choice for the top job.  A further outcome is that the NA party may not do too well in the 2012 polls without the stabilizing presence of its draw-card, the grand chief; the glue holding the NA party together.

With due respects to other NA party members, no one is eminently qualified with the required seniority, depth of public administration knowledge and experience; and political  maturity to succeed the PM Somare than the Deputy PM, Sir Puka Temu.  Sir Puka has the edge over all the NA party's regional deputies as none were effective departmental heads like him before entering politics. 

Apart from the deputy PM, there is another option that may seem a controversial outcome but not impossible.  This option could be another record breaker for the grand chief that will be unbeatable in both PNG and Commonwealth politics.  If PM Somare was really serious about elevating the status of PNG women in his twilight years of politics, he will give his job to the best performing MP in the coalition government: Dame Carol Kidu.  The Dame as an MP has no equal and her actions speak louder than words as she is well supported by a competent Secretary running an effective department compared to most of her peers.

This decisive action by Grand Chief Somare will be in full recognition for the tireless efforts of a lone woman MP (and one of PNG's best lawmakers in recent times).  This will upset the men in parliament but they will soon get over it to see that good governance, accountability, responsibility and 'sanity' returns to both parliament and government before the 2012 national elections.

Finally, I predict PM Somare is not yet ready to quit politics in 2011 and before the 2012 national elections.  There are still many outstanding political reforms left by former PM, Sir Mekere that this government has yet to progress and this is no time to be quitting politics.

Reginald Renagi
Port Moresby  

Agwi's move must be applauded

AS A patriotic citizen of this country, I was surprised when reading new PNGDF commander Brigadier -General Francis Agwi's desire to rectify the force's performance to meet the growing demand placed on it in the fact of this nation being faced with many controversial security issues.

Agwi is contemplating on the fact that the PNGDF is a national instrument that plays a crucial role in serving and protecting the sovereignty of this country, and is wasting no time in taking diagnostic measures to remedy the loopholes PNGDF has in its functionality.  I laud him for taking this bold step in quickly acting to solve outstanding matters as well as focusing on fine-tuning the force to meet future demands preemptively.

I was quite amazed when I read the news of Agwi advocating against family violence and polygamy with the PNGDF circles.  It is quite moving that he has pledged never to tolerate, as as such, come hard on soldiers who practice polygamy and involve in family violence.

Applauding the good precedent set by Agwi, one thing I want the new commander to prioritise is increase the current 2,000 defence force personnel to 5,000 as proposed in the medium term military plan, by convincing the government for funding.  This would beef up security at the borders and seas where smuggling of illegal products is rampant and foreigners illegally entering our shores. 

A logical government will consider that what it spends on training 2,000 - 3,000 military personnel in a space of two to three years is far less than what it is losing in tax revenue through smuggling of goods into the country and our resources out of the country.

As such, with the support of the Government, Agwi must embark on increasing the PNGDF.
With Agwi, the PNDDF's prospect of being a sound and robust force is brighter.

Komson Nick Kome
Hohola, NCD

PNG water should be processed in PNG

AN ARTICLE  written by Abbie Collaco which appeared in Sunday Chronicle on January 17, drew my attention. 

He highlighted the call by Mr Jei Wai, who called on the National Executive Council to reject the submission being processed by the Deputy Prime Minister, to allow an Australian company to pipe water from Lai River to Mendi  to Cairns Australia for processing.

Whether the submission has already been prepared or still in the process I am unable to ascertain. But the fact is I totally agree with Mr Jei Wai that PNG water should not be piped to Australia, but be processed here in Papua New Guinea.

Needless to say it will create jobs for Papua New Guineans, boost our exchange rate and value of PNG kina and bring a trail of other benefits to PNG.

Water, like land and human resource is the source of life and survival for the people of Hela and Papua New Guinea.

North Queensland has some beautiful rivers and streams capable to supply water to the inhabitants of Australia. I can understand if Australia is like Sahara desert, then surely the end justifies the means. For the pipeline to run parallel to the oil and gas lines would create suspicion about what is really being piped.
Technology is so complicated this at this day and age that anything can be camouflaged.

The only huge project that Australia established here in PNG is the Panguna Mine. The project unfortunately was short circuited due to reasons known to the landowners and the Australian company and PNG Government.

I suggest, the Government of PNG calls for tenders for a local company, and help find the company to set up a processing plant and produce water locally in PNG.

If the local company cannot secure funding then they can go into joint venture with the overseas company to process our water.

Eda Ranu is doing quite well in PNG or Port Moresby to be more specific. We have the best water in Port Moresby. One can drink straight from the tap.

There are many water sources in PNG that are still to be tapped. People drink straight from the stream and fountain so why pipe to Australia?

Water Lilly
Port Moresby

Powes Parkop for Prime Minister

PAPUA New Guinea a country blessed with all the riches that you could ever name from the mountains to the costal islands, it is surely a paradise.

Unfortunately, these riches are not reflected on all the citizens of this great country and the paradise is not so because we have been ripped off and denied our birth rights by a minority pack of leaders who are selfish, greedy and evil.

In the light of this God has come to the aid of this nation through the incredible and humble leadership of this great governor of NCD -Hon. Powes Parkop.

In just two years one cannot believe the amount of work he has done through new initiatives and projects that he has done in NCD. He has even taken up the task to carry out district improvements in all the three NCD open electorates leaving their respective members with virtually nothing to work or rather revealing their inefficiencies and lack of basic services delivery woes.

I wonder what Moresby will be like at the end of his term in 2012. From the current scenario I am foreseeing significant changes with new infrastructural developments, beautification and remodelling of the city to be the pearl of the Pacific which will definitely have a direct positive attitude change on everyone.

This clearly shows that he's a leader who's got the heart for his people. He's got all the attributes that defines a perfect leader, hence he stands tall above the pack, his actions are louder than his words and his words are full of wisdom and understanding, he walks and lives a normal life like the rest of us, he is the light at the end of the dark tunnel and answer to all the political corruption that has taken away what is right fully for the simple people of this land.

There's a dawn of a new era and let God be glorified for giving us Powes Parkop; he is the answer to all our leadership problems that our nation is currently facing. He is the man capable of rescuing us with his strong, honest, prudent and transparent leadership. He can maximise the huge returns of the LNG projects to make a difference in everyone's life, not just few politicians and their cronies.

God has already given him the mandate and now he has gained the support and mandate of all Papua New Guineans across all sectors and walks of life.  He is the man to lead this nation to the next generation and beyond and is truly Prime Ministerial material.

I urge everyone including the politicians, civil servants and the rest of us with the nation at heart to support Mr. Parkop to be the next PM.

Let's look forward to 2012, Mr. Parkop you have my support whatever it takes. May you be the Prime Minister of this great land in the near future.

Powes Parkop Admirer.
Mt Hagen.

Country Party sets record straight

IN RECENT weeks, there have been many instances of party executives exercising or abusing various powers under their constitution and the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

The Country Party wishes to state that it does no solicits K500 as membership fee nor does it have a Party Secretary named Paul Mamito.  Further, Paul Mamito is not a financial member of PNG Country Party.
Should any person be interested in joining Country Party, it can contact the Party Leader, Hon. Jamie Maxtone-Graham or Secretary Wilson Ortegge.

For confirmation, the party officials are;
1. Party  Leader - Hon. Jamie Maxtone - Graham,  (72007799)
2. Deputy Leader - Hon. Jim Nomane, MP
3. President - Sir Sinake Giregire, CSM, CBE
4. Deputy President - Nelson Duwabare, (71254765)
5. Secretary General - Wilson Thompson, (71148524)
6. Treasure - Nigel Lai, (72827928)

The PNG Country Party regrets that persons are impersonating party officials. This should be discouraged and the general public is advised to verify facts with the office of the Registrar of Political Parties or with genuine party officials.

Finally PNG Country Party is against corruption, bribery and other means and will not commit to such tally of outsiders and will not entertain any such members or officiates.

Wilson Thompson Ortege, Secretary General
Nelson Duwabane, Deputy President

OHE should take charge of selections

OHE was supposed to be the one in ensuring the education system at the tertiary level is its paramount responsibility to ensure every passing student gets educated properly but sadly that hasn't been the case to date.

Minister Ogio appeared on all media outlets to say that 29 tertiary institutions are responsible for the selection of students from Grade 12 using the former 1.6 and current 2.25 GPA as the yardstick while OHE only facilitates.

That's pathetic so to speak. No wonder the current selection system has let many top students end up becoming drug addicts and criminals on the streets and back in the villages.

How do I know that? Simple but OHE failed to see that when the GPA cut off point is 2.25 then regardless of who scored straight As or Bs, the representatives from various 29 institutions choose who they allow to continue regardless of who scores what grade so long as you pass the GPA.

Then that can be the safest mechanism for a selection committee to choose who he/she wants so long as you know them besides some lunch money under the table for them. So the poor students who got straight As misses out if he/she doesn't know anybody in the selection panel and allows only the system to get him/her selected. The very excuse the committee will use in the 2.25 GPA being the guide in the selection process.

As Dr William Tagis said on the media last week, they look at 2.25 cut off mark and are not bothered by the As or Bs. That enables wantokism and nepotism to thrive using that selection method.

The selection of the 29 different tertiary Institutions become very powerful and can easily do two things using the 2.25 GPA as the safe guard. 1, the selection committee of a particular institution can be bribed if you know them. 2, If a committee is from a particular place and if the students are known to them then can easily put them in the situation so long as they have 2.25 or near GPA.

When I was a student I had to bribe my way in even though my GPA requirement was above the cutoff point so if they deny that, it will haunt them for rest of their lives.

So you see, if you don't know anybody from the institution you applied, don't depend on the grades but work hard to pay some lunch money to the committee from the institution you applied for.

I want to urge minister Ogio to abolish the current selection system and direct OHE take full responsibility in the selection process by ensuring every top student get priority then followed by others.

Categorize them in order of top GPA cut off point of the GPA then divide them amongst the 29 institutions and ensure everyone is educated. Better still,  the top students should be the focal point of Government as they will be the top think tank for this country when we elders phase out.

If the current system of selection method remains, we will see more drug pushers and prostitutes on the street.
Why and who are these people? They are the straight As students who were pushed out by the education system when they had done their level best to score As and Bs and they are hurt psychologically and to avoid their miseries push drugs and so on.

And those students who are coming later will not want to perform seeing that As and Bs cannot give them a free ticket to higher learning institutions. Who would want to sweat and toil when the system will fail them.

Hare Igini
Doma Peaks, Hela Province   

Rickson, a true achiever

I am very pleased to see another very talented young professional boxer Rickson Yamo’s potential being identified by big name Australian boxing promoters like Peter Maniatis and Angelo Di Carlo.

It’s quite rare for Papua New Guineans like him to be given such opportunities to showcase their talents to reputable promoters at the international level.

Rickson’s achievement is good news for other young boxers and PNG. Young Rickson is a very high profile national boxer who has huge potential to excel.

Congratulations Rickson. Your invitation to participate in those lead up fights in Melbourne in April is a golden opportunity. Keep excelling and do it for PNG

Malcom Barney Paijako
Port Moresby

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Setting a new Defence agenda

SINCE Francis Agwi became the new commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) last December, I paid him a courtesy call to find out what the general’s agenda is for the PNGDF in 2010 and beyond.

The impression I got was positive.  I felt satisfied that several key aspects of defence and security I had been promoting in the media in recent times appeared as salient points in the command’s recent media ‘statement to the nation’.

Judging from this, the rest of this year promises to be an interesting period for the PNGDF; we can expect a new defence capability plan by the year’s end.  While his statement foreshadowed some new policy developments in the near future from what I gathered, General Agwi is quiet serious for the PNGDF to do its job well in his ‘back to basics’ approach of conducting future defence business.

In his media statement, General Agwi shares his thoughts with the public of a “new PNGDF” and the “way forward.”  He assured the government, PNGDF and the people of PNG that “the force is in good hands” and that its loyalty to the constitution of PNG remains unquestionable.  This is a positive bold statement to set his new agenda for the PNGDF.

General Agwi takes a different approach from his predecessor with regard to the defence reforms.  As commander, he is not waiting for a 2030 vision, but wants to see things happen within the next decade.  He plans to speed up the reforms so objectives are achieved in “… a short time frame”, and outlines his command strategy of rebuilding the PNGDF.

The commander plans to rebuild the PNGDF on a “4 R Strategy: Re-consolidation, Re-construction, Re-development and Re-evaluation.

This strategy sets General Agwi’s agenda on what will be his force development focus.  Agwi also plans to review PNGDF roles and functions to closely align it with the government’s vision 2050.  He further wants the new roles and functions to focus around: national security, international relations, resource protection and nation building.

A new force build up plan will be needed as since reducing to a 2,000 manpower ceiling, the PNGDF roles and functions have not fundamentally changed.  People issues will also pre-occupy Commander Agwi by taking personal responsibility for some pressing issues that demands immediate attention.

In the next ten years, the PNGDF must reconstruct itself with a new mission in compliance with government guidance.  In this time, outstanding issues of new capability development will be addressed through retraining and re-skilling of personnel, buying equipment and introducing new technology through a ten (10) year development plan.   This will enhance government policy guidance, future budgets and procurement.

In future, defence will have to decide whether to train for war against an “invisible enemy” or focus on defending PNG’s sovereignty, people and rich natural resources.

The PNGDF needs to also measure its own success and steady growth through a process of self-evaluation.  It is important that this be done through annual reviews, auditing and inspections for transparency and accountability of action.

General Agwi writes a new chapter for the PNGDF by continuing the reforms started in 2002 with a different strategy.  If past trends are any indications to go by, this writer believes the new commander seems serious about getting the PNGDF back ‘on track’.  He hopes to do it by speeding things up a bit and reviewing its roles; added with realistic missions, budget and government support in future. 

Reginald Renagi
Port Moresby

Questions on workings of judiciary

THE last bastion of hope for the people of Papua New Guinea, the judiciary system, is allegedly not working as it should be.

This is my view after keenly following some cases in our higher court where people who have sworn an oath to uphold the law and protect our judiciary are now allegedly abusing that process.

One classic example would be the matter on Peter Yama versus the Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited. A layman would understand that the Supreme Court has spoken in that there was a breach of contract. But officers of the court took it further and asked the Supreme Court to review their decision on the basis that they had slipped. Again the same bench revisited the matter and ruled that they did not slip and that their earlier decision stands, which Mr Yama is to be paid.

Now the officers have again defied the orders and paid these monies to an agent. But the most outrages action by the officers was to get a stay order effectively interfering with a constitutional role of the police force by stopping them to arrest certain senior officials and lawyers after a complaint was laid by Mr Yama, exercising his democratic right to file a complaint of a criminal nature by these men.

Police too have their own processes and procedures in determining whether there is enough evidence to prosecute a suspect and once they think they have enough then it is their constitutional duty to arrest these persons. All these were not considered.

Where are we going? I have been a staunch believer of our judiciary system for many years but now I am having doubts about the whole system.

Bush Lawyer
Port Moresby

Wigman picture is a blessing in disguise for Hela tourism

I WROTE a letter to Sunday Chronicle to tell Hela Gimbu chairman that instead of going to the USA to seek an apology from an unknown graphic designer who cut and pasted the face of Obama on the face of Paya Kaganalu, he should study and think of creating something positive out of that photo for the tourism potential.

He felt offended and took it too personally and argued without reasoning what I posed to him.  I do not have a personal vendetta against him but as a Hela intellectual, I felt stupid about his proposal to seek an apology from an unknown graphic artists in the US. 

You may have received an email that he would apologise but does that do any good to Hela and the wig man culture?

That's what I call a simple publicity stunt by some glory seekers to make a living from it.   After the man apologises, he will not kill a buffalo from the Kansas prairie and give you a hind leg to take back for Hela people.  Instead he will only run to every media outlet describing some Huli wig men of New Guinea demanding an apology for just a picture.

Mind you Damien, Obama and the world gets this kind of cartoons almost every day so let's get civilized and not create a negative fuss for Hela but rather plan and see how we can lure tourists to our soil using that picture.

The world has changed to being electronic so let's work something good for Hela and the country, not getting to fussy about every insignificant issue and remain with that backward attitude.

Damien should learn not to be driven by his personal ego but be purpose-driven while holding that important Hela office and learn to listen to advice coming in various shapes, sizes and forms such as viewpoints in the press.  That's healthy food for thought.

Lastly, never curse people as it will always come back to you and shorten your life.

Tigili Hare Igini Lare
Doma Peaks, Hela

  • The matter is now closed -Editor

Parkop is not involved in Gordons Touch Competition

THE COMMENTARY in the Sunday Chronicle issue of the 24th January 2010 made unfounded claims that the Gordons Touch Competition is being supported by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop.

As a long time resident of Gordons, I would like to clarify a few misleading quotes from the commentary.
Firstly for the writer to depict his headline in bold "Parkop Cup games transforming youths at Jabiru Drive" is an insult to the hardworking, under resourced, sports loving executives of Gordons Touch Competition headed by Mr William Yogomin. For the record GTRL is the oldest touch footy off season competition in NCD.

It started in 1980 by well respected people like the current PEA President Mr Michael Malabag, Levao Mai, David Silovo, Paul Kotni and Nelson Moide to name a few. The idea back then was to engage youths in worthwhile activities and at the same time keep the boys fit to play for the then Air Niugini Rugby League Club in the PRL Competition. GTR has produced players such as Jack Harry, Nelson Moide, David Mune, Michael Marum, Aquila Emil, Ben Uru, Tuksy Karu and soccer legend Steven Mune and also current AFL youngster Donald Barry. The competition had taught them not only to excel in their chosen sport, but to be better people in their family, community and country.

In its 30 years of existence, the GTR has always been self-reliant. It has gone through its mandatory rough periods, like being dormant in between these years due to community related law and order problems. But like in the true spirit of its first inhabitants who graced the grassy Gordons Estate in the early 1960's, GTR has stood the test of time and rose through the sheer hard work of people like the Yogomin brothers and their predecessors.

They have drummed the message to the clubs to change their mind set and attitudes and be self reliant, law abiding, sports loving citizens in an compact multi-lingual community like Gordons and Erima. Transformation has already began with clubs exchanging weekends footy balls for spades, forks, grass knives and wheelbarrows on weekdays, cleaning their respective streets, fixing roads and trimming grass in the self help projects to raise funds. Petty crimes at shop fronts, drunken brawls and harassment of women and children have dropped since the competition started in late November 2009. Change starts from within and the residents of Gordons, especially young men, mothers and young women are leading the way through the Touch association headed by Mr. William Yogomin.

They have already set up the Gordons Kokofas AFL club participating in the POM rules competition and moves are underway to enter a team in the PRL competition in the not too distant future.

Finally Gordons Touch is here to stay and if the writer truly resides in Gordons, he is welcome to spend his Sunday afternoons with the executives of the association and be thoroughly informed on the struggles they face instead of giving free mileage to politicians who are here today and gone tomorrow.

Iamutu Kere
Gordons, NCD

Member for Mendi on Shopping Spree is a Childhood Dream Reality

Definitely when Pr, Isaac Joseph was growing up, he loves building sand castle on the banks of Wara Mendi. He builds a couple and pretends to sell them to his friends using leaves as the medium of trade. He also collects SP bottle caps from his dad’s beer shop affix them to a piece of wood and drove them into his sand castles.

Obviously, years leading up to his election he was supported by regular church goers who gave for the Love of God. ‘He who holds the key unlocks the door’ who knew what Pr. Isaac Joseph was made of.

His current status as Member for Mendi has drastically changed his lifestyle. Well we only get castles in mediaeval England and other European states but we do have hundred thousand kina worth of properties in Port Moresby and in just over a period of two years since taking office the member has bought himself a number of properties in Port Moresby and in Mendi.

He also took his experience in driving a wooden toy to one made of steel costing thousands of kina. From that period he has bought six different cars and the latest is a Toyota Camry (Altis) costing almost K100, 000.00 of tax payers’ money. To put the icing on the cake he has find himself a fiancĂ© maybe half his age and daughter of another Southern Highlands MP, and prominent businessman.

Never in any given Parliament session he has asked or spoke for the people of Mendi. But played cheap media politics by taking reporters around to write biased and one sided reports. If you roam around with him in his car, he will only boast about his two hours boxing training at Holiday Inn and how fit he is in terms of physical features. He loves fashion thus, his wardrobe holds clothes valuing between K100 and K200.

He has promised the people of Mendi during his various ground breaking ceremonies but they all remain mere promises. Because he operates in his cars in Port Moresby his office at the parliament house is collecting dust and cobweb has started to build up. I don’t know what he is good at. Maybe Governor Anderson Agiru is not mentoring him good enough. Pr. Isaac Joseph is one of the dumbest MP, Mendi electorate has ever had.

Michael Nali was similar but because of his part in the National politics that surged him to the second highest post in PNG politics, he received no criticisms.  However, he also went on a similar shopping spree like the current MP, Pr. Isaac Joseph. If a former MP is trying to return to politics you must be man enough to come out publicly through the media by telling the silent majority of your achievements.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to the eligible voters of Mendi not to cast your votes to people who failed us to put their interest before ours.

Thank you

Mone Paiknoai Sam

Betelnut vendors are here to stay

THE CHAPTER on the sale of buai (betel nut) in public places has folded once again in Port Moresby.  The vendors are again victorious and are back to their usual buai selling spots and it is business as usual.

The heavy arm tactics to clamp down and frighten buai sellers did not work.  This is the only source of income and survival for the unemployed grassroots, most of these people are immigrants from other provinces, mostly from the Highlands region.

The only way to stop these informal activities is to send them back to their provinces, put them on the dole or allow them to continue vending with some strict control measures.   The first and second measures may be very expensive but the last may work.

The buai spitting and littering is not done by the sellers but buyers.  The buyers are the ones that litter the place when they chew the nut.  However, the buai sellers are providing lime as their business incentive.  The city authorities must also take note that this informal vending has also drastically reduced pick pocketing and other petty crimes in the city.

My proposal here may not be the best solution of may not be conducive to many but may shed some light.  Instead of the city authorities using heavy handed tactics, the must work alongside these people.  All vendors operating in public places apart from the informal markets must register with NCDC annually and carry identification cards.  They must provide proper tables to display their wares. 

They must keep the areas where they are conducting vending neat and tidy at all times.  They must not provide lime as an incentive and the buyers provide their own lime. 

City rangers are to be allocated at these venues to constantly carry out awareness and educate both the vendors and buyers on littering.  Any vendor who does not abide by these rules must be penalized by forfeiting their registration.  And NCDC must diligently remove rubbish.

I believe this may be the only solution to the problem.

Gordons Market Observer

Cabinet reshuffle is welcome news

I AM happy to read that there will be a Cabinet reshuffle.  The Prime Minister should replace the Minister for Justice and Attorney General because he has made the Department of Justice into a legal joke. 

The name of the Department sounds good but there is little to show for it.

The bosses of the Department just dress smart, drive new cars at the tax payers' expense and play pokies at places like the Yacht Club and are never at work.

I am an ex-serviceman who is frustrated at the service we get from the department.  Our matter is with the Solicitor General's office.  But the Solicitor General never attends to us and never goes to court.  He will make appointments and then he will not be available.  What is the department paying him for?
But he was appointed by the Attorney General.  This is the same lawyer that Cabinet directed the Attorney General to terminate.  The department terminated him but the Attorney General brought him back. 

Meanwhile, our case is still there.

The Attorney General has nothing better to do and is wasting his time on Hitelai Polume.  She already resigned so leave her alone.  She is a good person and although she was threatened by some of our members, sh continued to do her job.  The Solicitor General and the lawyer now handling our matter are just slack and always look for excuses.

Maybe it is time Cabinet also appointed the Solicitor General and State Solicitor.  At the moment these people act like they are above over creator in heaven.

One very good reason to replace the Attorney General is because he does not seem to care about the PNG LNG project.  There are too many court cases and injunctions.  I wrote a letter questioning whether InterOil had certified their gas, then I read the papers and the Attorney General, who is acting Governor General, is pictured happily witnessing the agreement for InterOil.

The people of Gulf stand to benefit from the proposed InterOil project but if people like the Attorney General do not do their job properly or do not care then we the little people pay the price for it.  Is the Attorney General advising the Cabinet on this?

There is no Gulf MP who is a lawyer so my dear Prime Minister, you can appoint someone else as Minister for Justice and Attorney General.

Koivi Akia
Port Moresby

Ex-PNGDF servicemen's patience running thin

I am in total support of the letter of ex-Lieutenant Joe Bapi dated 31st January 2010 regarding the frustration that the ex servicemen of the PNGDF are facing at the moment about their outstanding court case battle and out of count settlements for their lousy entitlements.

It’s very frightening to see such letter from a frustrated young ex Lieutenant with combat experiences who have being witnessing the very slow and prolong process and procedures that our Court systems and Attorney Genera are taken in sorting their respective matter.

It is seen clearly here that the concerned ex-Servicemen have different groups pending court cases and out of court settlements. Some of their cases have being deliberated already and are subjected to pay out, some are held and some are awaiting the so called WAIGANI LANGUAGE or WAIGANI WAYS.

PNG must do something in regards to the call of the Ex-Servicemen. They said that the Government and its agencies/authorities have prolong their cases and a lot of their comrades in arms have died without serving the fruitation of their dreadful struggles and some are scared now that they might be next should the situation remains same.

One thing that scares me off is that the majorities of the ex-Servicemen now on the streets are young and can be dangerous to the Government of the day and the Nation at large. I can see and tell from my relations (Ex-Servicemen) attitude and habits have changed and are now regrouping daily to discuss their next cause of action.

The Government must now speed up and address their problem quickly. We have seen a lot of corruption in the Government circles regarding millions of kina that negative action is taken by the Government to solve and yet ignoring the PNGDF ex-servicemen’s case will definitely provoke the whole situation that surely will put the whole country into disaster. Please address our good loyal and honest ex-servicemen of the PNGDF quickly for the sake of the innocent people of this great Nation.

Luke Aisi

We want to see action now on housing

MP Peter O'Neil's outburst in the daily papers about the recommendations put forward by the ICCC is not warranted.

He needs to shut up and act now. If Peter O'Neil doesn't know, he needs to be reminded that the housing issue in PNG  has already reached emergency situation. It serves nobody any purpose in bickering and using worn out politics anymore.

Please, cut all the hot air and crap on housing and let PNG for once see action first.
We're intelligent enough to give credit where it's due when all things are said and done.

Let 2010 be the government's year of real action please.

By, the way, I am suggesting to Mr O'Neil  (and his government)  to  set the money and land aside, take their hands off  and, entrust  the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG  (CBCPNG) to take over the Housing Tendering, Supervision and Project Management in PNG.

We've reached emergency situation in this matter already. So it's only fitting that an organisation such as CBCPNG that is concerned with the welfare and quality of life for the citizens of this country takes on a role like this. We trust them to do a better job than politicians.

Basic housing prices is beyond K500 per week for an average worker in  Port Moresby. It is clearly unaffordable.
And don't you think such a basic understanding like this is not a valid reason to adopt a radical shift in thinking like what I am suggesting here, Mr. O'Neil and NA?

Patriotic Nationalist
Port Moresby

Saturday, January 30, 2010

MRA is the threat

THE STORY "Mercenaries threat" (Sunday Chronicle, Sunday, January 24,2010, P2), is a good lead story but is not a correct way to address the issue of unregulated mining in PNG including Simberi.

With due respect to Sir Julius Chan, Simberi mine is another victim of MRA.

I have said it on many occasions in the last four years that MRA is unconstitutional and operating illegally.  It means MRA has no legal standing and competence to regulate all mines in PNG.

Simberi is only waking up to reality.  This time truth about MRA is getting to the miners.
Taking on MRA head on is the only way PNG will win.  Not by courting and working with MRA. 
Rest assured of more MRA-induced troubles ahead so long as PNG leaders continue to be deaf and dumb.

James Wanjik
Port Moresby.

Your letter from Harie Igini Doma Peaks last week needs a reply.

OBAMA as Huli wig man, but portrayed as African witch doctor.
From the letter this gentlemen is an educated elite, hiding behind a political leader, could have benefited from recent millions of MOA funds, when the same was praising an NGI NA party leader.

Hela has certain tribes and clans responsible for the greater Hela.., namely; Hiliwa Mugu Himugu sons at pepe yemite, Juha Wara Labiligo sons at Kiliwabe PDL 7, Kolopa Koli sons, Tali Lapaya sons, Pipa Rai sons at Mbipe Paite (Pogera) Yalirima Alu Tayu sons at Ira Kelo (Irai Agau) and others.

My clan land boundaries is created by river Tagali and hanimu starts at Mt. Ilu, PDL 1 follows the ridges to Mt. Tali Alubura to river Nagia and joins with the river Tagali at Huburu village. My father was there at the time, when we survived only on steams, and later fed on Ira kopa, and on Taro. Our Taro farms were in Huku Humburu valley. Sweet potato was recently introduced.

As original principal land owing son of Ira kelo Kepali of Puria igini land area, I know the clans that come from my fathers daughters and those my fathers have given shelter, when they were refugees. If you Hare is from my area, you got your selves into a curse.

If you are from another area, the current media release on Obama in Huli wigman has an African witch doctor has signatures of the following leaders. Mathew Habe, Hela Jimmy Yaga, Peter Honale, Agibe Kengi, Peter Oureni, Lemson Mapiria, Amaya Ola, Alfred Kaiabe, Aigilo Kunini, Handa Haguai, William Bando, Andigi Aluya and our members of Parliament are being briefed.

For your comment we are wasting our hard earned cash, yes, we have been spending since 1972, now you have the Hela Province, people like the above have been burning their hard earned cash and you can get the glory, Hare son.

As for your interest in the Peri project. I invite you to investigate the current millions of MOA funds and see what projects are working, and also see the MP that registered the Heritage consultancy company and see who the directors are.

The following Hela elites were given first in 1997 K70, 000.00 to make submissions fro various projects for Hela, namely Late A Tatabe LLB. Late Mark Mandibi, and those of us now here, namely Johnson Tia, Andrew Irabu, Peter Pokoriya, Baro Pari Matthew HAbe, John Lando Himugu and dmyself. Half of the funds were used to buy the vehicle I now use, and rest was shared amongst the above to make relevant proposals to develop Hela. Governor Agiru paid another K50, 000.00 later to the group.

It was my submission for the Hela cultural Heritage development centre at Peri.
Governor Agiru gave a lot of funds to various organization to do survey and design. The project design is complete, it will cost K10 million to build. The delay was because clans could not settle ownership in time and governor Agiru dismissed by the Leadership Tribunal.

I had an outstanding claim of K12, 000.00 from that project, Ambua check point and Koroba Sports Stadium project. I gave the claim to one of the key Koroba man in Mendi in 1997 to put up the claim, later found out that he changes my name and got him paid as the claimant. May you Hare son resubmit it for me? As for your comment on Peri culture centre, yes that was my intellectual property.

See if Hare's son can explain whose face is of the Huli wigman that appears that appears on the K50 note and how that got there.

Obama was Huli wigman, African witch doctor poster was used in the big protest march in Washington DC, billions have seen it on CNN and in the internet.

The man who did it wants to apologize and we see it as a bilateral issue. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Culture and tourism have given positive responses and are addressing as such. Mind you, Paya Kakanalu is not an African witch doctor but Papua New Guinean.

It is very clear that you Hare son may not be from Hela, you may be barren but those of us who value our heritage are very concerned for our children, for that stigma as African witch doctor.

Please share some of your wealth before it becomes a huge dug heap and soon claim your life. Next time use my name properly, time you baby yet I was fighting for Hela.

Yalitima Damien 4 ipawi Arabagali
Special Facilitator Hela Province
Chief Hela Gimbu Association


The old story versus the new

 THE old story of HIV/AIDS told of the virus entering the body, attacking white blood cells, causing a drop in CD4 count, rise in HIV, increase in opportunistic infections and death.

The new story is more complex and needs to be clearly understood. HIV enters the lymph system and blood, attacks and causes breakdown of gut lining, slows absorption of nutrients, water and salts and changes the water-salt balance.

HIV slows the replenishment and nourishment of cells and tissues, allows entry of waste and HIV into the blood / brain, slowly depletes supplies of protein and glucose and causes a change in the pH of body tissues.

The body is saved if the virus is stopped in the blood and lymph system. Then the attack on the gut lining will cease, giving the gut lining the chance to partly mend and allow restoration of nutrients, salts, water to body systems through the blood. A water-salt balance will be restored. The body returns partly to normal with strict adherence to the ARV regime of treatment.

The HIV will still remain in the lymph hiding places of the spleen, thymus, long bones and lymph nodes. If the sufferer is taking ARV and stops, there will be a massive outpouring of the virus from hiding places and the sufferer will die. A partly mended gut will be obliterated for a second fatal time. Viral waste will flood again into the blood and brain. The sufferer will not survive.

But the sufferer can live long with peace, love, no stress, clean water, nutritious food that will build up the body by absorption through the gut lining, exercise with no smoking and no drinking alcohol.

Meat diet will bring harmful bacteria to damage the blood. Fruit and vegetables will bring helpful bacteria that will not harm the body through the damaged gut lining. So a non-harmful bacteria colony in the gut will keep the body safe for a number of years.

Positive Living can help the sufferer to live a healthy life for 10-12 years. If the world can not afford free ARV, then sufferers and families have to settle for a life span of 10-12 years. It is a matter of what can be afforded at a national or international level.

PLWHA of nations can no longer bully their Government into supplying ARV as we saw in South Africa a decade ago. The Mbeki government did not have its act together at the time. All they talked about was nutrition.

PNG can talk on a holistic concept of Positive Living. Those living with HIV and AIDS will have a total way of life to go on with - ARV or no ARV. Their life span will be reduced compared to those on ARV. But they will live.

During the Black Death of the Middle Ages, families infected on Monday were dead by Friday. We count our blessings.

Bruce Copeland
Port Moresby

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our patience is running out

ON BEHALF of the silent majority of the ex-servicemen of the PNGDF, we would like the nation to know how our government of the day and its agents and authorities are treating us in solving our outstanding court cases and out of court settlements in our entitlements.

We believe strongly here that initially the problems of our entitlements were created by the Government (Defence Department) thus bringing us this far to have it sorted out.

We have lost a lot of our comrades (they are dead) in this very dreadful journey to have our respective matters solved through our court system and the Attorney General's office.  This process and procedures take by all concerned  bodies are very slow thus have left us with no option.  We have lost patience already.

We are now very frustrated and are on the verge of taking the law into our own hands purely to retrieve our lousy entitlements.  Our representatives or spokesmen that are dealing with the government agents and authorities are soft, friendly and have forgotten about our long term patience.

We are now into another year and the next month will be February and school will start. When will we be assured on our payments?  We have been promised many times and our whole struggle has become a cargo cult activity.

Be warned here that when we left the PNGDF we left everything behind, however, we still have our combat experience and skills fresh in us until we die.  We do not want to be forced or provoked to do things that we have never ever done.

Could those concerned government agents and authorities address our concerns ASAP?

Joe Bapi

More counter cropping needed in NCD

I watch the NCD Program every Sunday on Kundu 2 and I see that some people back up and support the NCD Governor to deliver various projects throughout the City. The engineering team and the management should really be praised highly as they work tirelessly behind the scene to realize the entire project we see in our city come to fruition.

One of the engineers voiced concerns about people making gardens on the hillsides.  When it rains the soil and debris fill the gutters and the floods go on the roads and through residential areas causing havoc.

This is my suggestion; they must tell the gardeners to do counter cropping on the hills or tell them to stop altogether as NCD is wasting money clearing all the blocked drains every time after rain and they are even cutting trees on the hills for firewood and build settlements which must be stopped.

Governor, you have a solid concerned management team as we can see changes. Keep it up. One reminder only, please come around to Gerehu Stage one area and allow your team to clear up all the waterways so when it rains  water can flow through the drain. Right now, we have residences flooding as the rain water just goes through every home downhill that stand in the way. Some of us residents have tried to dig up but is not helping at all.

Hare Igini
Gerehu Stage 1

Tiensten should be retained, Grand Chief

THE East New Britain NA branch has decided to appoint a new leader amid speculations within NGI NA block. While it is a matter that Tiensten has not provided leadership for the last two years I feel compelled to air my views to our grand Chief Somare.

I am not a relative or have anything to do with Mr Tiensten but you have young and educated elites in your team of Ministers whom you have groomed well and by now they know the Government system in this country. Mr. Tiensten has seven years experience and has full knowledge of the pros and cons of dealing with the ministry and the department he has managed.

I was once upon a time a manager appointed and first I did know most system structures in that organization but as time went on, I was fully versed on the effectiveness and efficiency in managing the system.

While it is the prerogative of the Prime Minister to listen to NGI block, please check the background facts to ascertain those claims. If he has broken the law, then simply refer him to the Ombudsman Commission or fraud squad.  If it is petty politics, then simply Grand Chief, what a father would do and bring them to a round table and reprimand them to fix the communication barrier that is in NGI.

We cannot afford to remove a guy who had done well in the last seven years and replace him with another guy who will take another seven years to learn to manage National Planning.

The Correctional Services Ministry should be given to Fidelis Semoso as his background qualifications relevant to that Ministry and sack Tony Aimo who is slack.

Hare Igini
Doma Peak, Hela