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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Witch hunt on for East Pangia FMA project

ANOTHER interesting development in the East Pangia saga is looming in Port Moresby. This time a group of disgruntled leaders from the resource area are going around work places and houses in the city to have signatures of the resource owners to support their witch hunt.

The group is also spreading unsubstantiated allegations against the leaders who have supported the logging project.

Those spearheading the witch hunt are from the area where most of their forest is inaccessible mountainous landscape. Their deliberate attempt is to jeopardize the project and let everybody suffer. The resource owners are expecting this group of desperados to come up to the resource areas and promote their agendas, where the actual activities are going to take place.

However, resource owners are wondering; whose interest they are pursuing and what alternative do they have to offer in the absence of logging? The worst case scenario that could arise is all out war against each other. Illiterates at home don't know much about sophisticated management and technical aspect of the process. All they worry about is someone who can turn their trees in to money.

The message from the Forest Department was clear enough on the issues of human errors and technical blunders and even resource owners were told that, administrative matters can be rectified during a supplementary period. And those that thought they have missed out shall be included  during supplementary exercise or at any time during the period of logging. No resource owner is going to be a spectator even if you think otherwise.

Once again core resources owners are calling on those disgruntle resource owners to respect the innocent ones at home and support the project. Unless you have an alternative idea, which shall better serve the interest of everybody in the area.   

Port Moresby

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