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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Appoint new PNGIPA chairman

PLEASE allow me to voice my grave concern as a citizen about the collapse of the once premier training institute for the public sector workforce in this country, though, the Minister for Public Service has appointed the new chairman to provide direction and leadership.

The institute was rejuvenated in 2006 under the directorship of Mr Yala Yatu who has provided much direction and leadership. He developed a workable corporate plan that has guided him and his management team. Some of the effects of the plan were improvements of the training facilities, student and staff accommodations that had been rundown, recruitment of best qualified staff members through external recruitment and graduate development program, just to highlight a few of his achievements within three years of his contract term.

Some of the cases under the current administration are:
  • Delay in the appointment of the PNGIPA Council Members and the substantive Director of the Institute for the stability and continuity of the institute's progression;
  • Some of the experienced and qualified staff members have resigned;
  • The Institute has possessed and disposed properties and assets such as motor vehicles without the approval of the council, contravening the PNGIPA Act;
  • There was no 2009 graduation and certification of students due to no governing council;
  • Terminated, suspended and retrenched staff members have been re-employed.
These are some of the issues at the institute and the Government should intervene through the Minister for Public Service to avoid further deterioration of the pride of PNG public service.

Concerned citizen
Port Moresby

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