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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pastor too quick to criticise

IN HIS haste to criticize the Motu-Koita Assembly, Ps Eric Laho has made a real blunder. While he has freedom of expression, he is an ethnic Kerema man from the Gulf Province, living on Motu-Koita land within the MKA boundaries.

Pastor Eric Laho should not be critical in a public forum of the people and authority that tends to the welfare of thousands of his family members and relatives.

The Motu-Koita Assembly is the only authority that tends to the daily needs of its over 50, 000 people living within its jurisdiction, as the Local Level Government.

Let me remind Pastor Eric of some of the assistance MKA renders to and will continue to render to its people.
  • The MKA has undertaken a school subsidy policy to ease the burden of school fees on Motu-Koita families.
  • The MKA shares the grief of its people by assisting with coffins and finance at times of death in the families.
  • The MKA has carried a major concern with Eda Ranu which resulted in improved water services to the MKA villages.
  • The MKA in partnership with the PNG Power is upgrading the power supply to MKA villages starting with the upgrade of Transformers at Elevala Village.
  • The MKA provide a village cleaning subcontract to ordinary villagers to gain financial assistance through minor works program.
  • The MKA through its elected members provides direct small cash assistance to its needy people, the under privileged from time to time.
  • The MKA has taken its premier event, The Hiri Moale Festival to the Motu and Koitabu villages of the NCD and Central Province at great cost.
  • And finally, the MKA is planning to build two mini Hospitals in the East and West MKA Electorate as soon as appropriate land is identified.
The MKA Elected members live in their respective electorates in the villages. Their daily lives revolve around their people. They have a very direct contact point with their people. So they cannot be accused of not being on the same level as the people.

A word of advice to Pastor Eric and others who may feel inclined to openly criticize our Motu-Koita Assembly: Please make a meaningfully contribution to the MKA by sharing your vast knowledge with your duly elected member for the betterment of our people. I am inviting you to visit the MKA office, since the MKA really needs its bright citizens to assist it in its quest to improve the lot of our 50, 000 people.
Thomas. G. Willie
Chief of Staff,  MKA

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