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Friday, January 15, 2010

PNGIPA position already localized many years back

HONOURABLE Minister for Public Service, I am aware that the position of PNGIPA Director was localized many years ago. Are you aware that the non-citizen has got himself into local politics by accepting the appointment on the PNGIPA Director?

Mr Minister for Public Service, there is no need for another non-citizen to manage our premiere training institution for which they are not competent to manage. Such non citizen contract officers who get involved in the local politics should be deported without delay. If this appointment of non citizen to the position of the PNGIPA Director is not resolved quickly I may be interested to follow it up with relevant departments like the Foreign Affairs and the Labour and Industrial Relations.

We have enough qualified citizens including the incumbent Director Mr Yala Yatu to be appointed for the position. I can confidently advise Hon Minister that the incumbent Director Mr. Yala Yatu possesses the qualities of prudent management so why the change of leadership?

This change in leadership is causing uncertainty in the management of PNGIPA. Hon. Minister, I humbly request the immediate intervention of the National Executive Council (NEC) through your honorable office to restore certainty and continuity of the management of PNGIPA as soon as possible.

Port Moresby

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