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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our patience is running out

ON BEHALF of the silent majority of the ex-servicemen of the PNGDF, we would like the nation to know how our government of the day and its agents and authorities are treating us in solving our outstanding court cases and out of court settlements in our entitlements.

We believe strongly here that initially the problems of our entitlements were created by the Government (Defence Department) thus bringing us this far to have it sorted out.

We have lost a lot of our comrades (they are dead) in this very dreadful journey to have our respective matters solved through our court system and the Attorney General's office.  This process and procedures take by all concerned  bodies are very slow thus have left us with no option.  We have lost patience already.

We are now very frustrated and are on the verge of taking the law into our own hands purely to retrieve our lousy entitlements.  Our representatives or spokesmen that are dealing with the government agents and authorities are soft, friendly and have forgotten about our long term patience.

We are now into another year and the next month will be February and school will start. When will we be assured on our payments?  We have been promised many times and our whole struggle has become a cargo cult activity.

Be warned here that when we left the PNGDF we left everything behind, however, we still have our combat experience and skills fresh in us until we die.  We do not want to be forced or provoked to do things that we have never ever done.

Could those concerned government agents and authorities address our concerns ASAP?

Joe Bapi

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