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Friday, January 15, 2010

Peter Yama deserves payment from MVIL

IF IT was a mismanagement of public accounts or corruption dated back when Mr Yama was a Parliamentary leader then it should not have been the talk of the simple person of Madang and PNG because corruption seems to be rooted and is normal news.  Leaders are subject to the leadership tribunal and escape to darkness.

The actions of those prominent nationals involved to prevent the money he deserves from MVIL;  those including former lawyers of the Department of Finance and Treasury and the Attorney General now with the PNG Judiciary must be ashamed of themselves.  You have just wasted ten years and are now rushing to the court with documents containing accusations against Mr Yama before the National Court to stop the K7.6 million payments. The judge/s who presided over this case is/are not stupid to be served with such documents without records.

Peter Yama is a respected businessman and a reputable leader for the people of Madang and the simple people of PNG. The Ombudsmen commission will not have a record of the former member having been in a corrupt deal to become overnight millionaire as those others that are implicated.

Foreigners' and big time crooks who conspire with others to pervert the course of justice and falsify documents to discredit his name and company must come down and play real with proper record presentation. The laws come in different forms through different directions and must be interpreted with a logical argument or else BSP must be prepared to face another court battle with YSS. 
Jerry Tandawai
Tokarara Buai Market


  1. More on there at http://asopa.typepad.com/


    The litigious Peter Yama strikes again
    AAP - A CONTROVERSIAL PNG businessman denies that intimidation is behind the detaining of two Australian bankers in Port Moresby but says more arrests may be imminent.

    Robin Fleming and John Maddison, senior executives of Bank South Pacific (BSP), are on bail after being charged under PNG law with ‘conspiring to defeat the course of justice.’

    Former government minister Peter Yama last month won K7.6 million ($3 million) in a legal battle against a motor vehicle insurance company, but BSP moved to secure the money, claiming Mr Yama had millions in outstanding loans.

    Mr Yama, a former police officer and serial litigator, told AAP that BSP, their lawyers and two employees tried to defraud him because of a vendetta dating back to 2001.

    "I was the main man against the sale of the bank in 2001, I called an inquiry against the bank (now BSP)," he said.

    "No (it's not intimidation), they are arrested because it's very clear they have defrauded me. The law is on my side, I will beat them. I win every case.

    "I owe BSP nothing, I told the court, I owe them nothing. While we are talking a few prominent lawyers will be charged."

    Mr Yama said he expected another Australian, James Kruse, a Deloitte senior accountant, to be arrested.

    "We will be monitoring the court proceedings closely," an Australian Foreign Affairs spokesperson said.

    It’s not the first time individuals in a court case with Mr Yama have ended up in jail. Last year and in 2008, New Zealand-born lawyer Erik Anderson was twice arrested on fraud charges after BSP paid him from money the bank recouped from Yama's account.

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