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Saturday, January 23, 2010

More counter cropping needed in NCD

I watch the NCD Program every Sunday on Kundu 2 and I see that some people back up and support the NCD Governor to deliver various projects throughout the City. The engineering team and the management should really be praised highly as they work tirelessly behind the scene to realize the entire project we see in our city come to fruition.

One of the engineers voiced concerns about people making gardens on the hillsides.  When it rains the soil and debris fill the gutters and the floods go on the roads and through residential areas causing havoc.

This is my suggestion; they must tell the gardeners to do counter cropping on the hills or tell them to stop altogether as NCD is wasting money clearing all the blocked drains every time after rain and they are even cutting trees on the hills for firewood and build settlements which must be stopped.

Governor, you have a solid concerned management team as we can see changes. Keep it up. One reminder only, please come around to Gerehu Stage one area and allow your team to clear up all the waterways so when it rains  water can flow through the drain. Right now, we have residences flooding as the rain water just goes through every home downhill that stand in the way. Some of us residents have tried to dig up but is not helping at all.

Hare Igini
Gerehu Stage 1

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