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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your letter from Harie Igini Doma Peaks last week needs a reply.

OBAMA as Huli wig man, but portrayed as African witch doctor.
From the letter this gentlemen is an educated elite, hiding behind a political leader, could have benefited from recent millions of MOA funds, when the same was praising an NGI NA party leader.

Hela has certain tribes and clans responsible for the greater Hela.., namely; Hiliwa Mugu Himugu sons at pepe yemite, Juha Wara Labiligo sons at Kiliwabe PDL 7, Kolopa Koli sons, Tali Lapaya sons, Pipa Rai sons at Mbipe Paite (Pogera) Yalirima Alu Tayu sons at Ira Kelo (Irai Agau) and others.

My clan land boundaries is created by river Tagali and hanimu starts at Mt. Ilu, PDL 1 follows the ridges to Mt. Tali Alubura to river Nagia and joins with the river Tagali at Huburu village. My father was there at the time, when we survived only on steams, and later fed on Ira kopa, and on Taro. Our Taro farms were in Huku Humburu valley. Sweet potato was recently introduced.

As original principal land owing son of Ira kelo Kepali of Puria igini land area, I know the clans that come from my fathers daughters and those my fathers have given shelter, when they were refugees. If you Hare is from my area, you got your selves into a curse.

If you are from another area, the current media release on Obama in Huli wigman has an African witch doctor has signatures of the following leaders. Mathew Habe, Hela Jimmy Yaga, Peter Honale, Agibe Kengi, Peter Oureni, Lemson Mapiria, Amaya Ola, Alfred Kaiabe, Aigilo Kunini, Handa Haguai, William Bando, Andigi Aluya and our members of Parliament are being briefed.

For your comment we are wasting our hard earned cash, yes, we have been spending since 1972, now you have the Hela Province, people like the above have been burning their hard earned cash and you can get the glory, Hare son.

As for your interest in the Peri project. I invite you to investigate the current millions of MOA funds and see what projects are working, and also see the MP that registered the Heritage consultancy company and see who the directors are.

The following Hela elites were given first in 1997 K70, 000.00 to make submissions fro various projects for Hela, namely Late A Tatabe LLB. Late Mark Mandibi, and those of us now here, namely Johnson Tia, Andrew Irabu, Peter Pokoriya, Baro Pari Matthew HAbe, John Lando Himugu and dmyself. Half of the funds were used to buy the vehicle I now use, and rest was shared amongst the above to make relevant proposals to develop Hela. Governor Agiru paid another K50, 000.00 later to the group.

It was my submission for the Hela cultural Heritage development centre at Peri.
Governor Agiru gave a lot of funds to various organization to do survey and design. The project design is complete, it will cost K10 million to build. The delay was because clans could not settle ownership in time and governor Agiru dismissed by the Leadership Tribunal.

I had an outstanding claim of K12, 000.00 from that project, Ambua check point and Koroba Sports Stadium project. I gave the claim to one of the key Koroba man in Mendi in 1997 to put up the claim, later found out that he changes my name and got him paid as the claimant. May you Hare son resubmit it for me? As for your comment on Peri culture centre, yes that was my intellectual property.

See if Hare's son can explain whose face is of the Huli wigman that appears that appears on the K50 note and how that got there.

Obama was Huli wigman, African witch doctor poster was used in the big protest march in Washington DC, billions have seen it on CNN and in the internet.

The man who did it wants to apologize and we see it as a bilateral issue. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Culture and tourism have given positive responses and are addressing as such. Mind you, Paya Kakanalu is not an African witch doctor but Papua New Guinean.

It is very clear that you Hare son may not be from Hela, you may be barren but those of us who value our heritage are very concerned for our children, for that stigma as African witch doctor.

Please share some of your wealth before it becomes a huge dug heap and soon claim your life. Next time use my name properly, time you baby yet I was fighting for Hela.

Yalitima Damien 4 ipawi Arabagali
Special Facilitator Hela Province
Chief Hela Gimbu Association


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