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Friday, January 15, 2010

Shameful Request by Engans

DURING the closing stages of the LBSA at Nogoli, an Enagan walked to the podium and made a brief request to landowners there that the Hela Opone brothers as blood brother must share their wealth with them. He was one of the many Engans picked up on the streets of Port Moresby to facilitate the forum but the landowners did not require their services. 

In response Chris Haiveta, the facilitator replied and said, Your Hela brothers gave you Gas powered energy to get your gold at Porgera, in the last 20 years and did you think of those brothers or forget your Huli brothers?

And when the Political situation in SHP turned fearsome, the only brothers living along Kandep all the way to Laiagam allowed us to travel. They were truly our brothers in times of trouble. Governor Ipatas did not worry about his brother Agiru and his people and recently told people of Enga that they will change the name of the province to Hela Opone. Where were you when Governor Agiru and Hela people suffered in the hands of Nipa? Governor Agiru must give priority to Kandep and Laiagam and all people living along the way to the main highway. The last people must be the Ipili and Porgera.

I heard they built a bridge in three weeks to connect to Huli land. Please, we don't need settlements in Hela.
My message is not about being selfish but when you develop a resource in your province if there is one, try to share.  

Hela project will improve and replace all 40 bridges and the road itself along the highway.  Besides, the Simbus that come up with a claims for compensation must realize they will come and sell their goods to LNG project and the other consumers in Hela. You will bring and sell your garden produce along the highway so trade will flourish from Markham Valley to Aiyura to the rocky mountains of Chuave and Waghi.  There are both direct and indirect benefits to this project. 

"TK" Hare,
Doma Peaks

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